Lawyer Unleashes Racist and Violent Tirade on NYC Subway: Video

A woman’s racist and violent tirade on a New York City subway was captured on several cellphone videos. One of the videos was posted on Facebook and has gone viral with more than 8 million views. She has been identified as Anna Lushchinskaya, an attorney based in Brooklyn.

While riding the northbound D train last week, Lushchinskaya, age 40, bumped into a 24-year-old Asian woman, who chooses to remain anonymous. She then directed racial slurs toward her screaming, “F**k off” and then called her a “f****ng Ch**k.

That racial slur subsequently made several passengers upset. They tried to prevent the young Asian woman from being physically attacked by Lushchinskaya, who struck her with an umbrella handle and keys, and even kicked her.

One passenger yelled at her, “She’s not even fighting you back,” as she further assaulted the woman.

Passenger, Juan Alaya, recorded the entire incident. When Alaya decided to come to the victim’s defense, Lushchinskaya spit at him, and yelled to him, “What are you, her attorney [expletive] Mohammed.”

He let her know that he’s Dominican.

One passenger yelled, “Your white privilege ain’t working over here.”

(Watch the video. *Warning*: It contains graphic language.)

The victim, and a 30-year-old Good Samaritan who tried to intervene, suffered cuts to their faces.

Lushchinskaya was restrained by passengers on the train.

She was arrested by the NYPD at the next stop, and charged with felony assault.

Authorities took her to Kings County Criminal Court immediately after they arrested her. She pled not guilty and posted $1,000 for bail, according to court documents.

Lushchinskaya is scheduled to be back in court for the subway incident on Jan. 22.

This incident marked the second time she was arrested for a subway altercation this year, according to
CNN. In a prior confrontation in June at the 36th Street Station in Brooklyn, she was arrested for pepper spraying a Hispanic man and woman. Her charges included harassment, menacing with a weapon and attempted assault.

The victim of the racial and physical attack expressed her thanks to the other passengers who put themselves in harm’s way to defend her. She told WABC that she felt fortunate that the attacker did not have any weapons on her or “it could have gotten a lot worse.”

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