NOD Wounded Warrior Careers: A Model that Works

Yesterday NOD released the results of its Wounded Warrior Careers 4-Year Report in Washington, DC, and called on government agencies to adopt its proven model to assist the most severely injured veterans in the transition to civilian careers.

NOD Board Member and retired Lieutenant General Franklin Hagenbeckappeared on Fox News Tuesday evening, as well as several radio interviews, to discuss thereport’s findings.

Selected Media Coverage:

Here is the transcript from LTG Hagenbeck’s live interview on Arkansas Radio News Network:

Yesterday’s event, which was graciously hosted at the headquarters of Disabled American Veterans, was attended by members of the press, NOD CEO Council members, partners, and funders, including representatives fromAetna, Lowe’s, PNC, Rockwell Collins, Sodexo, and the Rumsfeld Foundation.

Bob Steele (host): Joining us on the live line is Gen. Franklin Hagenbeck. He is retired, led ground troops in Operation Anaconda on the Pakistan-Afghanistan Border after 9/11 and is on the Board of the National Organization on Disability. He is joining us to discuss NOD’s new report on helping wounded veterans on their path to employment.

Well, I’m a veteran and am always pleased to find out about programs that are helping veterans.

LTG Hagenbeck: Well the report has been terrific. We partnered with the U.S Army. They asked us in 2007 to help devise a solution for disabled or wounded warriors that were coming back to the communities to find ways to get employment or get back to an educational training track. We work in three different locations around the country, and we give them a veteran-centered, if you will, approach, with attention from other veterans, most of them other disabled veterans. They (the other veterans) work with them as counselors, mentors, and coaches, to lead them through a very structured career planning, career preparation process and get them back on the pathway of employment. We have a 70 percent success rate which translates into within 18 months of initial contact with these young men and women, they are back either in workforce or in school.

Bob Steele: I know that you’re going to share this report and encourage the veterans, VA, Department of Labor dept. to embrace it

LTG Hagenbeck: Yes, I am in D.C. today, we met with them yesterday. We are working very closely with some key folks. We take this thing as both public and a private enterprise. We have a lot of employers out there, including Walmart from Arkansas, and other places around the country that want to employ veterans, and we are working through that with them, because we know not only do we have lots of returning veterans from the war but within the next couple of years, as we withdraw from Afghanistan, as we downsize the military its anticipated that one to two million will come back to the community. It’s anticipated that one out of three will have some sort have disability to include some of the invisible wounds like traumatic brain injury and some other things. The employers will have to accommodate some of those kinds of veterans to come back, in fact they are doing this today.

Bob Steele: Let’s go back to Walmart. You mentioned it what do you think about their announcement yesterday

LTG Hagenbeck I think it’s absolutely terrific that they (Walmart) are going to do that. We have some other companies doing that as well and we want to work of them. We think that the answer really lies within the communities to be able to reach out to the veterans that come back to Little Rock and other place in Arkansas and around the country, and that is the sort of partnership that we need to develop overtime to get the local community to working with employers when embrace to returning veterans.

Bob Steele: General we appreciate you joining us this morning and what you’re doing with our veterans.

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