‘No, Just No’ Says Ayesha Curry After She and Her Infant Son Were Body Shamed on Social Media

Curry, who has struggled with body image before, took the high road.

The Curry family united for the NBA’s Western Conference Finals game where brothers Steph Curry and Seth Curry played against each other. Showing all love, Ayesha Curry, wife of Steph Curry, posted the united family, even though her husband’s team, the Golden State Warriors beat Seth’s team, the Portland Trail Blazers.

But, inappropriate comments ensued that had nothing to do with the game, and everything to do with her body, and worse, her 10-month old son’s body.

One user questioned whether or not she was pregnant, and then others followed up with body shaming her baby when she responded that her back looked the way it did because of carrying her 30-pound son.

Some accused her of setting up her son for health problems like childhood diabetes and childhood obesity. Another commenter said that maybe she should portion control his food.

“Excuse you?” Curry wrote back. “No. Just no.”

Curry has been open about body image and her insecurities saying that she had gotten plastic surgery when feeling depressed about her body after the birth of she and Steph’s second daughter.

Bullying and teasing have been linked to body dysmorphic disorders, poor academic/work performance, substance abuse, and even self-harm and suicide.

Curry, of course, is one of many women and mothers who have been body shamed.

Serena Williams has been called “manly” and was banned from wearing catsuits in tennis. Chrissy Teigen, was recently called “chubby” on Twitter after posting a picture at the House Democratic Conference. Tyra Banks, who experienced it in her post-modeling days, infamously told the nation what to kiss instead of shaming women.

All have fired back in support of women and their bodies. But the shaming of a baby got social media even more riled up:

  • maryameady @ayeshacurryRIGHT!?!! @cashmoneyapshould portion control his rudeness!! Chubby babies are the cutest!!
  • texasfire_cross . @ayeshacurry The baby weight comment was questionable (the only opinion that matters is the Pediatrician’s), but asking if you’re pregnant is considered EXTREMELY rude by most women. Congrats y’all!
  • kiracookie97  @ricoislandand we could say that’s underweight. You’re just not educated on how babies grow.
  • nicolewarnegolf . @ayeshacurry girl if you are happy and healthy, and your little beeb is happy and healthy, you don’t have to explain a single thing to anyone.

Attacking her parenting of her baby, was one game, Curry, nor her fans, would not play.



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