Nielsen Advanced Audience Fuels Evolution of Advertising Ecosystem

Originally Published by Nielsen.

Nielsen (NYSE: NLSN) announced the launch of Nielsen Advanced Audience, a suite of solutions that enables audience- based buying across linear and digital ecosystems. This launch marks Nielsen’s continued investment in the audience-based buying workflow, enabling clients to seamlessly buy and sell audiences beyond age and gender across screens. Together, these solutions address the key challenges that media buyers and owners face when negotiating advanced audience deals—accurate audience forecasts, methodology standardization and audience delivery.

Nielsen is also excited to announce the commercial availability of the Nielsen Advanced Audience Posting Solution, which follows the market release of the Advanced Audience Forecasting Solution and Enterprise Audience API earlier in the year. Created in collaboration with clypd, this intuitive web-based interface provides the industry with consistent, on-demand measurement that media buyers, sellers, and ad platforms can use when they plan, negotiate and reconcile linear TV buys on advanced audiences. Clients will now not only be able to optimize campaigns using advanced audiences, but they will also be able to confidently guarantee advanced audience impressions fueled by Nielsen’s currency measurement.

“While age and gender remains key to the buying and selling of linear TV campaigns, the TV ecosystem is evolving, creating the need to mirror what is done in digital with more granular and targetable data,” said Kelly Abcarian, SVP of Product Leadership, Nielsen. “Nielsen’s suite of Advanced Audience solutions provide media buyers and sellers with an end-to-end offering that supports the evolution of how media is bought and sold using data that goes beyond the standard demographics. The release of the new posting capability is another step in our continued commitment and investment in powering the marketplace’s evolution with trustworthy and independent measurement as we have been doing for decades with age and gender.”

This effort allows clients to use any advanced audience segments within their media buys, including the 100+ standardized segments based on credit card spending habits, in-store fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) purchases, and extended psychographic profiles curated by the Advanced Target Standards Group ( In September 2018, Nielsen became an early adopter of the ATSG Calculation Principles for Advanced Targets.

Pete Doe, Chief Research Officer of clypd and Chair of the ATSG commented, “for advanced audiences to have currency validity, there needs to be agreement and transparency between buyer and seller about how audiences are defined and measured. The ATSG calculation principles were created with input from media owners and agencies to provide that consensus and transparency, and Nielsen’s adoption of these principles means that the industry can conduct advanced audience transactions with consistency and confidence.”

“Transacting on advanced audience segments is an important evolution for the media ecosystem,” said Tom Ziangas, SVP of Research and Insights, AMC Networks. “We welcome the collaboration between Nielsen and clypd to develop advanced segment tools that allow for a seamless and streamlined workflow process between buyers and sellers of media.”

Nielsen’s geographically and demographically representative National TV panel underpins Nielsen Advanced Audience. Additionally, Nielsen continues to directly integrate its data with leading linear TV buying and selling platforms to support the industry’s push to buy TV inventory in a more data-driven and automated environment, which streamlines clients’ efforts by enabling ij them to bring in and transact using the same segments they identified and created within our systems. More importantly, clients can activate the same advanced audience segments across linear and digital media campaigns.

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