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Illinois Governor Performs Foolish Chocolate Milk Stunt to Champion Diversity

"It's really, really good. Diversity!" Rauner said to the audience in an insulting demonstration during a Black History Month event.

Making a glass of chocolate milk is more than just a snack, but an important lesson for Fortune 500 companies, according to diversity and inclusion executive Tyronne Stoudemire for Hyatt Hotels (not one of DiversityInc's Top 50 Companies for Diversity.)

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner (R) joined Stoudemire at the Thompson Center in Chicago on Wednesday to discuss workplace diversity during a Black History Month event. Stoudemire, who is Black, decided to use chocolate syrup as a metaphor for underrepresented people, and milk, white men.

"If you look at every corporate website and you look at its leadership team," Stoudemire began the clueless presentation while pouring milk into a glass held by Rauner, "you'll see all white men, a few white women and just maybe an Asian in technology."

Stoudemire continued, "The chocolate syrup represents diversity — women, people of color, people with disabilities. It's the aging population [and] Generation X, Y and Z."

He then poured some of the liquid into the glass.

"It's not that organizations are not diverse," Stoudemire said.

He then asked the audience: "When you look at most organizations, diversity sits [at] what?"

"The bottom of the organization," he answered.

"You don't get inclusion until you actually stir it up," he said, then told Rauner to stir the syrup into the milk.

"Diversity is the mix, and inclusion is making the mix work," Stoudemire said. "And, it actually tastes pretty good. I'm not going to ask the governor to drink it."

"I'll be proud to," Rauner said, and then took a gulp.

"It's really, really good. Diversity!" Rauner proclaimed to the crowd.

Stoudemire has been using the chocolate milk routine for 16 years, according to The Chicago Tribune, "as a simple way to illustrate the lack of diversity at the top of Fortune 500 companies."

Rauner wasn't aware he would participate in Stoudemire's routine.

"He usually picks on the most powerful person in the room to be his assistant, he said, adding that Rauner 'didn't know what he was getting into,'" the Tribune reports.

Watch CBS Chicago's video clip:

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The New Congress Must Change 'Appalling Lack of Diversity Among Top Staff'

"The American public was more likely to elect a person of color to the House than House members were to hire top staff of color," according to a Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies report.

As a result of Tuesday's midterm elections, Democrats have won a majority in the House of Representatives, and Republicans will remain in control of the Senate, but Congress, as a whole, needs to make diversity a priority when it comes to hiring top staff members.

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Kavanaugh vs. Ford

A tale of a complete lack of diversity causing bad decisions, and shifting opinions nationwide, as well as a teachable moment for corporate America.

Having zero diversity, and by trying to make it "Kavanaugh vs. Ford," the old, white Republican men lost control of the nomination, and made it about them versus all women, a situation that, at best, will be a Pyrrhic victory.

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Latino Employees Fired in Miami for Being Too Latino

Company leadership says loud, sexy, Hispanic employees with ethnic mannerisms are not allowed.


Former employees at Swire Properties filed a lawsuit in August against the company claiming they were fired because there was no place for "Hispanic Emotionalism" at work.

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If You Want Alexa to Respond, Sound Like a White Person from California

AI products like Amazon's Alexa and Google Home discriminate against minorities with accents.


A study done recently by two research groups, Globalme and Pulse Labs, and the Washington Post revealed that certain artificial intelligence (AI) technology only works for people who resemble the demographic of its creators and testers.

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N-word, Swastikas and 'Wite Pride' Painted on BLM Activist's Truck

Racism rears its head in an integrated neighborhood. Where is it safe?


Symbols of Black Lives Matter and the "Black Panther" movie on Hubert Roberts' truck made it a target for vandals on Juneteenth in Clio, Mich. The N-word was painted in white on one side, "Wite Pride" on the other side, swastikas spread around, tires slashed and red shoelaces hung from his mirrors, an old KKK tactic.

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Rep. to Trump: Consult a ‘Not-white-guy’ on Immigration

"I would encourage @realDonaldTrump & his fellow GOP white guys to consult a not-white-guy in their efforts to enact comprehensive immigration reform in less than 24 hours," said Rep. Joe Kennedy III (D-Mass.).


Democratic Rep. Joe Kennedy III (Mass.) has called out President Trump on his all-white cronies.

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AT&T Is All of Us

AT&T releases its 2017 annual diversity and inclusion report.

AT&T is different.

Every single one of us is distinct. Millennial. Boomer. Latina. Asian. Transgender. Techie. Military veteran. Whatever words you choose to describe us, one thing is certain: AT&T would not be the powerful, innovative company we are today without every single one of us.

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Video: Diversity is 'Un-American,' a 'Bunch of Crap,' Says Republican Congressional Candidate

Seth Grossman once said, "I do know of many Africans who wish their ancestors had been taken to America as slaves, and who are now risking their lives on flimsy boats every day to come to America."

In a room of among many of his peers — white, male conservatives — Seth Grossman pleaded his case that diversity threatens the "traditional ways that made America great" and is a "bunch of crap" supported by Democrats and communists.

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