Education Affiliates Turns to ADP to Streamline HR, Payroll Systems

"Having our payroll, time and attendance, HR and recruiting information all on one easy-to-navigate platform, has been a game changer," said Lydia Chodnicki, director of Payroll at Education Affiliates.

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After years of rapid growth and many acquisitions, Education Affiliates realized that having disparate HR and payroll systems in each of its more than 45 locations across the United States proved to be inefficient and costly. Having decentralized payroll and HR systems, made it difficult to standardize processes and have visibility into workforce data.

To solve for this, the company implemented ADP Vantage HCM, an integrated cloud-based human capital management solution. "Having our payroll, time and attendance, HR and recruiting information all on one easy-to-navigate platform, has been a game changer," said Lydia Chodnicki, director of Payroll at Education Affiliates.

"Prior to ADP, everything was done on paper. Our time system wasn't connected to our various payroll systems so importing and exporting payroll information would habitually cause problems. Since we've gotten rid of manual processes, I now can see and pull payroll data in real-time so I'm no longer putting out fires, but rather preventing them with relative ease."

"Within the first year of partnering with ADP, we saved a couple hundred thousand dollars in various expenses and solving for inefficiencies," added Steve Budosh, chief financial officer at Education Affiliates. "Our payroll and HR systems easily and immediately interface with our many insurance providers so I know that I'm getting bills, requests, or hire requisitions in real-time. I'm then able to respond immediately using my mobile device which has made mistakes and inefficiency a thing of the past. A job that would normally take days I can now do in seconds on my phone."

Another benefit: Freeing up the HR staff so they can spend more time on strategic initiatives.

"Before ADP, it could take up to two days to run all the different payrolls, now it can be done companywide in under two hours freeing my staff up for other duties," added Chodnicki. "We also save time since the platform is very user-friendly so little training is required."

Debbie Dyson, president of ADP National Account Services and Client Experience, said she's delighted that Education Affiliates is relying on ADP to help drive efficiency by implementing ADP Vantage HCM.

"We're proud to provide Education Affiliates with the technology it needs to reduce administrative work so that its team can focus more on driving strategic initiatives," said Dyson. "Our goal is to deliver an easy, seamless, and integrated client experience, and we're excited we can help the company save time, eliminate manual processes and reduce costs."

"Because ADP is a fully integrated solution, it has helped us to streamline processes and eliminate all the paper and waste," remarked Budosh. "With ADP, I get peace of mind. I know an employee is not in our system unless they have been approved, that their pay is correct, that when they leave us, we have the appropriate checks and balances to offer insurance coverages as necessary under law, and that we manage all of that effectively."

According to Chodnicki, ADP has also helped Education Affiliates with data reporting.

"Before ADP, if someone wrote a report in one system, it often proved impossible for someone using another system to pull that data," said Chodnicki. "ADP has linked the data between payroll, HR and time and attendance so we can easily pull and filter accurate data across all modules."

Budosh also raved about ADP's customer support. He said every time he calls, within minutes someone is helping him rectify the issue quickly and painlessly.

"I don't know any other company in the industry that's as attentive and who really cares about what we need from them," added Chodnicki. "With ADP, it's definitely not a client-vendor relationship but a genuine partnership."

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ADP is continuing its innovation momentum by revolutionizing the way people are paid by introducing Wisely Pay by ADP. Wisely Pay is the next step in ADP's constant evolution to put clients and their workers at the forefront of macro trends shaping the employment landscape, including the growing number of freelance individuals.

"The world of work is changing and our clients look to us as the market leader in payments, to help them better engage with their entire workforce," said Doug Politi, president of Compliance Solutions at ADP. "Wisely Pay is leading the way people get paid in the future as a true bank alternative, with innovative services like instant pay, savings, digital wallet, and other financial management and wellness features that are better aligned with the evolving workforce."

The functionality of digital accounts, including paycards, and ease of access to funds have made them particularly popular among Millennials. According to a recent report commissioned by ADP, almost half of Gen Z (47 percent) and nearly a third of Millennials (31 percent) would turn down a job if they were unable to choose their method of pay. Additionally, this report revealed that 47 percent of Millennials and 66 percent of Gen Z have used a pre-loaded payment card in the last 12 months.

Wisely Pay is the first offering resulting from ADP's acquisition of Global Cash Card and provides the administrative tools and support to enable employers of any size, industry and workforce blend of full-time, part-time and/or freelance workers to enjoy:

  • Advanced technologies: Best-in-class experiences for cardholders and administrators from ADP's in-house digital payments platform, built by Global Cash Card and ADP's award-winning Instant Funding APIs.
  • Pay flexibility: Wisely Pay offers multiple ways to receive, spend, and manage money, including fully electronic options like peer-to-peer transfers, instant pay, and mobile digital wallets by Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay® and Android Pay®.
  • Attracting and retaining talent: The multi-generational workforce places unique demands on employers and Wisely Pay helps satisfy the needs of workers by offering a banking alternative with numerous funding options, easy cash access, broad purchasing capability, ability to avoid paper check fees and modern financial management tools.
  • Peace of mind: With a 50-state electronic pay program, backed by market-leading expertise and experience in the regulatory landscape, employers can rely on ADP Compliance Solutions, advanced data security and single point-of-contact resolution for all employer support or cardholder issues (e.g. fraud prevention, dispute resolution).

The Wisely paycard will first be available to employers who select to offer sponsored accounts for employees in September 2018 in the United States.