BASF's 3D Simulation Brings Acoustic Effects of Basotect Sound Absorption to Life

The ʻEnvision Mobileʼ audio visualization system from Inreal Technologies GmbH turns acoustics and design into a virtual experience.

When planning new buildings and carrying out renovation works, room acoustics are not usually a priority. This often proves to be a mistake when putting premises with particular acoustic requirements into operation for the first time. In large offices, restaurants or event venues, the damping of noise is a necessary functionality of the room design.

An innovative software brings the acoustic effect of Bastotect sound absorption to life.

The ʻEnvision Mobileʼ audio visualization system turns Basotect's excellent sound-absorbing effect and the almost unlimited design freedom into a virtual experience with the help of various examples.

Using 3D glasses and headphones, building owners and architects experience a direct and realistic before-and-after comparison of how Basotect changes the acoustics in different premises.

"With ʻEnvision Mobileʼ, the authentic reproduction of room acoustics with and without Basotect can be demonstrated in different virtual environments. The photorealistic 3D display accentuates the virtual experience," explains Enrico Kürtös, from Inreal Technologies GmbH.

Using Basotect, the melamine foam of BASF (No. 24 on the DiversityInc Top 50 Companies list), allows the creation of optimum room acoustics retroactively and with little effort. The light, porous sound absorber is easy to handle and places no restrictions on design freedom. Through the use of decorative acoustic boards, suspended baffles, paneled ceilings or even individually molded shapes, a perceptible and measurable improvement in room acoustics can always be achieved.

"The high importance of effective sound absorption is particularly impressive when the room becomes audible and we can demonstrate the effects of the acoustic optimization of different environments to customers in a perceptible way," says Peter Wolf, Head of Basotect Global Marketing at BASF.

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