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AT&T Employee's Daughter Stars in Oprah's 'The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks'

"I think this movie and other trending STEM movies are empowering in that they highlight the application of STEM to solve real world problems," said AT&T employee Anita Simpson.

Kyanna (Kee Kee) Simone Simpson, daughter of AT&T (No. 4 on the 2016 DiversityInc Top 50 Companies list) employee Anita Simpson, had a lifelong dream of playing Oprah Winfrey in a movie. Now she's starring in the HBO adaptation of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks starring Oprah Winfrey.

It is a true story of how an African-American woman's healthy and cancerous cells were taken from her without her knowledge. The cells became the base of the immortal cell line known as HeLa, which has been used across the world for medical research. After her death, Henrietta's daughter, Deborah, found out about the incredible use of her mom's cells.

Deborah is played by Oprah – and by Kee Kee in the younger years.

"When I was younger, I always said I would play Oprah in a movie," said Kee Kee. "My cheer squad even had 'Oprah' embroidered on my cheerleading jacket! She has always been an inspiration to me. This is my largest acting role to date and the biggest dream come true."

The road to Oprah

"When I was younger I was obsessed with so many careers," Kee Kee said. "Fireman … chef … I realized I can portray any job and personality as an actress. Through acting, I'm able to do it all."

Kee Kee pursued acting in the 7th grade.

"Kee Kee was into so many different things – band, chorus, cheerleading, acting, and scholastics," Anita said. "We went to an acting competition in Dallas with 500 females, ages 5 to 60. She won it. I realized then we had to do it. It was no longer just me thinking my daughter's the greatest."

Anita, a principal member of tech staff on automation platforms development, moved with her daughter to California to immerse themselves in the film industry. Kee Kee did her first film at age 16.

"Each time she went to an audition, she would sing the song, Billionaire," Anita said. "It has references to Oprah, like, 'I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine smiling next to Oprah and the Queen.'"

Kee Kee's first HBO debut was as the daughter of actress LaTanya Richardson Jackson on Show Me a Hero.

"LaTanya told Kee Kee she looked like her friend, Oprah," Anita said. "My child is acquainted with trustworthy actors who are phenomenal role models. She has grown up to be gracious and kind. As she started getting roles like this, I knew this was something that would take off for her."

Years later, LaTanya's comment would come full circle.

Hard work leads to big rewards

"For me, it's been a privilege to watch my daughter work with Oprah and other phenomenal role models," said Anita. "And while Kee Kee is pursuing her acting dreams, she hasn't abandoned her college goals."

Kee Kee took all of her courses online with the Georgia online virtual school while she was in Hollywood.

"I had to be harder on myself," Kee Kee said. "I didn't have teachers giving me deadlines to help me complete my assignments on time to prepare me for college."

She is currently attending the University of Georgia for a degree in Entertainment Media Studies with minors in communications and Spanish. The discipline she instilled in herself helps her multitask between work and college too.

"My manager called me and said she had the perfect role for me," Kee Kee said. "I was so stressed out from classes, but then she told me it was to play the younger version of Oprah Winfrey's character. I told her this is what I've been waiting for … it's made for me."

Kee Kee reached out to LaTanya, who was good friends with the director as well as Oprah, to help her get an audition for the role.

The initial audition was on June 13, 2016.

"I was super prepared," Kee Kee said. "I'm not usually nervous for an audition, but I wondered if Oprah was going to be there. Afterwards I went back to school and took my calculus test."

Two weeks later, her manager called with good news. The director wanted to meet her.

"I called my mom and I was screaming, going crazy," said Kee Kee. "I usually don't dwell too much on one audition, but this one meant the world to me."

The session with the director was on June 30 for 45 minutes.

"He helped me with the character," Kee Kee said. "We went over lines, talked about the character, and what I wanted to do in life. I knew I had laid everything on the table."

She left and took her Spanish exam that same day. Then she immersed herself in studying for finals.

On July 28, while she was helping her mentor in her classroom. Kee Kee told her about the big role.

"My mentor prayed with me right then," Kee Kee said. "An hour later, I got a call from my manager. She said, 'Hey Deborah! You booked the role of young Deborah Lacks.' I was so thankful and grateful."

Four days later, Kee Kee was doing a table read for the movie and met Oprah.

"She said, 'Oh, so you're playing the younger me!,'" said Kee Kee. "I said, 'OMG, YES' and I hugged her. Initially, I was so nervous, but she made me so comfortable."

Kee Kee still managed to take her finals 2 days after the job began.

Women in STEM

"This film has so many different aspects – empowering women and African-Americans and shining light on science," Kee Kee said. "Being a black female who loves science and math made the story even more amazing."

Kee Kee learned so much more about the science world. Most people have been affected by HeLa cells in some way.

"Her cells have gone onto to do so many things," Kee Kee said. "She changed the world."

Kee Kee got to meet the real Lacks family when they filmed in Baltimore.

"It was amazing to meet Alfred, my character's son in real life," said Kee Kee. "I spoke to him on set and had lunch with him. He spoke about living through this period in the movie."

"I think this movie and other trending STEM movies are empowering in that they highlight the application of STEM to solve real world problems," Anita said. "Something as phenomenal as creating an immortal cell line that advances science is remarkable. My daughter participated in a movie that sheds light on that matter."

Clearly, she's a proud AT&T tech mom.

AT&T: Distracted Driving on Two Wheels: A New Reality

Break the habit and take the pledge to end distracted driving in and out of the car at

Originally Published by AT&T.

By Ryan Luckey, Assistant Vice President, Corporate Brand Marketing

The roads can be a scary place. Drivers are taking their eyes off the road to look at their latest like, text or email.

And with the introduction of shared e-scooters, the latest in transportation innovation, it's more important than ever for riders and drivers to keep their eyes on the road.

One hand on the handlebar, another on the phone, then bam. You hit a pothole.

Tens of thousands of injuries – and hundreds of deaths – occur every year due to smartphone distracted driving. This is the unfortunate reality our AT&T It Can Wait program continues to address since 2010.

And now it's becoming clear smartphone distractions are no longer just a problem in the car.

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Oprah: Blood of Men, Women Lynched for Trying to Vote 'Has Seeped Into My DNA'

"I refuse to let their sacrifices be in vain," Oprah Winfrey said, at a rally for Stacey Abrams.

In the first of two events on Thursday, Oprah Winfrey gave an electrifying speech in Marietta in support of Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams.

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Oprah's Headed to Georgia to Campaign for Stacey Abrams

Oprah Winfrey will participate in two town hall-style events.

Oprah Winfrey has endorsed Stacey Abrams, the Democratic candidate in a tight gubernatorial race, and will visit Georgia.

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AT&T: HACEMOS Drives Diversity in STEM

AT&T's HACEMOS group helps drive Latino diversity in STEM fields with 20th Annual High Technology Day.

Originally Published by AT&T.

School used to be all about the 3 Rs: reading, 'riting, and 'rithmatic. But the future is all about all about STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. That's why HACEMOS, AT&T's Hispanic/Latino employee resource group, is introducing students to STEM during their 20th annual High Technology Day on Thursday, Oct. 18.

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AT&T Launches New Advertising Company, Xandr

AT&T Advertising & Analytics is Now Xandr, A New Kind of Advertising Company Harnessing Data, Technology, Premium Content and Distribution.

Originally Published by AT&T.

AT&T* announced the launch of XandrSM, its new advertising company led by CEO Brian Lesser. The announcement was made at the Relevance Conference, Xandr's inaugural conference in Santa Barbara, California.

Xandr encompasses all aspects of the existing AT&T advertising & analytics businesses, including AT&T's advanced TV business, AT&T AdWorks; AT&T's data and analytics business; and AppNexus, which will continue to support its US and global customers under the Xandr umbrella.

"Xandr is a name that draws inspiration from AT&T's rich history, including its founder Alexander Graham Bell, while imagining how to innovate and solve new challenges for the future of advertising," said Lesser. "Our purpose is to Make Advertising Matter and to connect people with the brands and content they care about. Throughout AT&T's 142-year history, it has innovated with data and technology, making its customers' lives better. Xandr will bring that spirit of innovation to the advertising industry."

This new kind of advertising company has four key advantages, which include data, premium content, advanced advertising technology and AT&T's distribution to more than 170 million direct-to-consumer relationships across wireless, video and broadband.1

Advancing Advanced TV

To further strengthen its leadership in advanced TV advertising, Xandr has entered into agreements with Altice USA and Frontier Communications to aggregate and sell their national addressable TV advertising inventory. This initial step starts to create the foundation of a national TV marketplace for advertisers and premium content publishers. Xandr will also collaborate with a4, Altice USA's advanced advertising business, to help expand a4's nationwide addressable digital advertising capabilities.

By aggregating this video inventory from multiple multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs), AT&T's addressable TV offering starts to provide advertisers with a one-stop shop. This allows marketers to reach the audiences they want to connect with most, while improving yield by helping inventory owners compete more effectively.

By combining data with advertising technology, addressable TV allows advertisers to more effectively reach their audiences without the wasted spend associated with traditional, non-targeted TV.

Consumer-Centric Advertising

Xandr's unique differentiator is its commitment to personalization, while considering the human element of advertising and people – not just placements.

To underscore its commitment, Xandr teamed up with Insight Strategy Group and Advertiser Perceptions to conduct surveys and on-the-ground ethnographies in order to understand the dynamics between consumer sentiment and the advertising experience.

These findings formed the basis of the inaugural Xandr Relevancy Report, original research on the state of consumer attention, which found 66 percent of consumers wish advertisements were more relevant to their interests and lifestyle, while 57 percent said ads are not relevant to them.

However, consumers recognized the importance of advertising: 64 percent of those surveyed believe advertising enables independent voices to be heard on the Internet, while 70 percent like when ads go beyond just selling a product.

Additional findings can be found in the Xandr Relevancy Report, including examples of how relevant advertising and data-driven insights can result in better consumer experiences.

AT&T Foundry Launches Innovation Space for Vertical Industries

Enterprise Customers Get Venue to Co-Create Innovative Technologies to Solve Industry-Specific Challenges.

Originally Published by AT&T.

Revolutionary technology breakthroughs in business don't happen by accident. That's why AT&T* is launching a vertical industry-focused space at the AT&T Foundry in Plano to showcase our edge-to-edge network capabilities and develop transformative technologies.

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AT&T Announces Largest Deployment of Free Aira Service

AT&T, Aira Use Groundbreaking Technology to Bring Retail Experience to Blind & Low- Vision Shoppers at Over 5,300 AT&T Retail Locations.

Originally Published by AT&T.

AT&T* and Aira continue to expand their relationship to bring new experiences to the blind and those with low vision. This time, it's the customer experience. All AT&T company-owned retail and authorized retail stores are now Aira Access Locations. That means that any member of the blind and low-vision community with a smartphone can become an Aira Guest and can get free use of Aira's service at over 5,300 AT&T retail locations across the U.S.

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AT&T: FirstNet Momentum: More Than 2,500 Public Safety Agencies Subscribed

The FirstNet Network Platform Has Been Reliably Supporting First Responders Battling Wildfires and Other Emergencies Nationwide.

Originally Published by AT&T.

More than 2,500 public safety agencies across the country have joined FirstNet. This is nearly double the number of agencies since the last update in July.

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