AT&T, Bridge Alliance Collaborate to Strengthen Global Connected Car Leadership

Auto brands working with AT&T can now bring connected services to more customers across the bridge alliance member markets.

 AT&T (No. 4 on the DiversityInc Top 50 Companies list) and members of Bridge Alliance have formed a long-term agreement to extend their global connected car leadership to new territories.

Bridge Alliance is a leading group of mobile carriers in Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa. Today, AT&T connects more than 11 million cars in the United States and abroad.

Together, the two organizations expect to grow the number of connected cars on the road.

"Teaming with members of Bridge Alliance helps simplify global deployments with local operator networks in these regions," said Chris Penrose, President, Internet of Things Solutions, AT&T. "This is huge for our automotive customers. It gives them an opportunity to access customers in countries which collectively cover nearly 30 percent of the world's population."

This collaboration sets forth the framework to extend the geographic coverage AT&T could provide to automotive manufacturers looking to enhance their infotainment offerings in the growth markets served by members of Bridge Alliance. This will help the 22 global automotive and long-haul truck brands that AT&T works with create an improved driving experience for their global customer base.

For the customers collectively served by Bridge Alliance, this helps to give them access to solutions like Wi-Fi hotspots, internet radio and live traffic. Until now, these features have been more difficult for automotive manufacturers to implement globally.

"Our collaboration with AT&T is based on the alignment and integration of processes, platforms and propositions. This presents exciting possibilities for the automotive industry, helping to accelerate the delivery of cutting-edge connected car solutions in our markets," said Eileen Tan, CEO, Bridge Alliance.

Beyond better serving the needs of the auto manufacturers, this collaboration will help bring new IoT solutions forward in the global automotive industry.

AT&T and U.S. Air Force Academy Collaborate to Explore Advanced Technologies

Formal 5- Year Agreement Aims to Help U.S. Air Force Keep Pace With, Acquire and Use Commercial Technology.

Originally Published by AT&T.

AT&T* and the U.S. Air Force Academy are working together on networking services and advanced technology capabilities. They entered a 5-year Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) aimed at boosting the Air Force's use of modern technology at a pace more like the commercial sector.

"Networking is a platform for innovation and mission support," said Lt. Col. Michael Chiaramonte, director of Air Force CyberWorx at the Air Force Academy. "With access to AT&T's resources, we plan to advance our academic and research objectives. By leveraging public-private partnerships with AT&T and our other industry partners, we improve our understanding and use of technology and, ultimately, improve the Air Force's mission capabilities."

The collaboration aims to:

  • Offer knowledge and commercial best practices of cybersecurity, Internet of Things, and other AT&T-led innovations for the Air Force Academy faculty. Such innovations include Smart Base solutions, software-defined networking and 5G.
  • Provide hands-on demonstrations for Academy cadets.
  • Ensure AT&T has greater insight into the vision and technology needs of the U.S. Air Force.
  • Explore opportunities beyond academic interests.

"Our work with the U.S. Air Force Academy will be much like an action-oriented academic 'think tank.' We're here to help the Air Force keep pace with commercial innovation and pinpoint their current and future technology needs," said Rocky Thurston, Client Executive VP, AT&T Public Sector.

Part of the Air Force's larger mission

Partnerships fuel the Academy research program. There are 19 centers and 2 institutes, as well as cadets, faculty and industry all working together for the benefit of tomorrow's Air Force. CyberWorx was established in 2016 as a public-private design center focused on cyber capability. It combines Air Force, academic and industry expertise with state of the art technology and innovative thinking to solve operational problems.

AT&T: How to Build a Culture of Learning

Instead of only providing employees with classroom and web-based training, we're also supplementing those resources with relevant content from social and digital platforms, like social media channels, podcasts and video platforms.

By Jennifer Robertson

Originally Published by AT&T.

Last year, best-selling author and New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman visited AT&T. During a conversation with employees, he emphasized the importance of continuous learning for employees and employers to succeed in the age of acceleration.

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