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Abbott: Mt. Everest Heroes Summit a Positive Life

Innovations in science-based nutrition help Sherpas maintain their weight and strength.

Abbott is No. 10 on the DiversityInc Top 50 Companies list

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Swirling snow. Freezing temperatures. Hidden crevasses.

Only the world's most elite climbers are crazy enough to seek these hazards.

To conquer the elements and scale the 29,029 feet above sea level, most mountaineers rely on true experts to lead the way up Mount Everest: Sherpas.

They spend their lives guiding climbers to the top. Doing so takes a toll on their bodies.

A truly demanding job

Sherpas — sure-footed Nepalese mountaineers — are the invaluable guides to thrill-seeking climbers itching to reach Everest's summit. They trek through extreme elements while carrying packs that weigh about 22 pounds.

The perils of the mountain itself are infamous. The dangers faced by Sherpas back at base camp are less well-known.

As they climb, Sherpas burn thousands of calories and the ensuing altitude sickness often results in nutritional deficiencies. Sherpas lose on average 19 to 22 pounds every time up.

Achieving health and strength

Sherpas need to replenish their bodies with essential nutrients during expeditions. Abbott's nutrition team in India saw the problem and wanted to help.

Dr. Sandeep Raj Kunwar from Kathmandu established a health checkup camp and created nutrition plans that included Abbott's Ensure science-based nutritional drinks. "This helped give the Sherpas the required strength and energy to withstand the demanding conditions during the summit," said Debotpal Sengupta of Abbott's nutrition business in India.

At the health checkup camp, the Sherpas received medical examinations, watched an informational video on Ensure nutritional drinks, and were given a diet chart that showed them how to meet daily nutritional needs.

"We were exhausted and disoriented trekking from camp 1 to camp 3," Mingma Sherpa, a seasoned guide, said. "Then we mixed Ensure in mineral water and drank it. We felt good and strong when we resumed climbing."

Mingma said the Sherpas are now better able to maintain their weight and strength. "No other company has ever thought about our health and how to help stop our weight loss," Mingma said. "Abbott has given us that."

Learn about career opportunities at Abbott

Abbott: Top Internship for Healthcare and Tech

Interns have spoken: Abbott is the top college internship program for healthcare and tech & engineering.

Originally Published by Abbott.

Abbott recognizes the need to develop its future leaders early, and has been named the top healthcare and tech & engineering internship program by Vault.

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New Study Shows Abbott's Novel Diagnostic Test Could Help Rule Out Heart Attacks Earlier

Preliminary research indicates that a diagnostic test currently in development, that is done at the patient's side in minutes, has similar accuracy to a high-sensitive troponin test for early rule out of a heart attack .

Originally Published by Abbott.

For someone experiencing cardiac symptoms in the emergency room, every minute matters as physicians determine whether someone is having a heart attack. New data, published online in JAMA Cardiology, found a new blood test under development that is done right at the patient's side in as little as 15 minutes could identify nearly three-fifths (56.7 percent) of people at low-risk of experiencing a heart attack, similar to the results of a High Sensitive Troponin-I blood test done in the laboratory setting.

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Abbott: Partnering for a Healthier Future

Abbott supports the First Ladies of Africa in the fight to end AIDS in children and keep mothers healthy.

Originally Published by Abbott.

In countries around the world, Abbott is working across its businesses and in partnerships with others to create healthier futures for families. One example: since 2014, Abbott's diagnostics business has supported the work of the Organization of African First Ladies Against HIV/AIDS (OAFLA – pictured above) to fight the AIDS epidemic in Africa, particularly among pregnant women and children – who are among the most vulnerable populations impacted by the disease.

At an OAFLA meeting on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York City, Abbott and several other organizations are being recognized by OAFLA for longstanding partnership and support, including public-private partnerships that bring together technical, financial and other resources to focus on a global health challenge such as HIV/AIDS.

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Abbott: DRG Stimulator, A Life Changing Technology for Chronic Pain.

The new technological DRG therapy may be the key to easing daily tasks for those with chronic pain.

Originally Published by Abbott.

Living with chronic pain affects not just your body but also your mind. It can make getting around and getting along equally difficult.

But with innovation in health technology comes hope. Abbott has developed a new device found to be more effective than traditional therapy at relieving chronic pain.

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Abbott: Expediting Blood Testing With i-Stat

The portable, handheld i-STAT Alinity delivers quick blood test results anywhere you are.

Originally Published by Abbott.

Every day, countless blood samples are tested all around the world for one purpose: to help diagnose and treat medical conditions. From the couple eagerly awaiting the results of a pregnancy blood test to a worried cancer patient hoping for more answers, diagnostic blood tests give vital insight into what's happening underneath the skin.

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Abbott: Freestyle Libre 14 Day, Now FDA Approved

Abbott's flash glucose monitor now FDA-approved for two weeks of use in U.S. between sensor changes.

Originally Published by Abbott.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved FreeStyle Libre 14 day— Abbott's revolutionary continuous glucose monitoring system. In the U.S., you can wear the sensor up to 14 days with high accuracy.

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At Abbott, You Look Like An Engineer

Decades before #ILookLikeAnEngineer, Abbott paved the way for a non-profit dedicated to diversity in STEM.

Originally Published by Abbott.


Remember this? A few years ago, a young software engineer was featured in a recruiting advertisement, only to be accused of not being an actual engineer. Frustrated with the assertion, Isis Wenger started a movement to break the stereotype of what an engineer should look like.

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Abbott Receives FDA Approval for Next-Generation MitraClip Device to Treat People with Leaky Heart Valves

MitraClip is the gold-standard minimally invasive alternative to open-heart surgery for people needing mitral valve repair.

Originally Published by Abbott.

Abbott announced it received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for a next-generation version of its leading MitraClip® heart valve repair device used to repair a leaky mitral valve without open-heart surgery. The transcatheter clip-based therapy, now on a third generation of product innovations, has been used to treat more than 65,000 patients worldwide over the last ten years.

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