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From The Company

Moody’s is united by a determination to act with integrity and make a positive impact on the global economy and in our local communities. The company believes a workforce that represents an array of backgrounds and experiences enhances its work, including the quality of its opinions, products and services.

Moody’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) support the recruitment, development and retention of women, minorities, LGBTQ+ people, and veterans. The company also offers hundreds of hours of training, mentoring and networking opportunities geared toward women’s professional needs, including its Senior Women’s Leadership Forum.

Moody’s Supplier Diversity Program seeks to provide businesses owned by minorities, women, people with disabilities, veterans, LGBTQ+ people and SBE companies equal access to purchasing opportunities.

Each year, Moody’s uses its CSR program to strategically focus on societal issues that the company is in a unique position to help address. Through Moody’s Reshape Tomorrow™ program, the company has developed partnerships with nonprofits to support women-and minority-owned small business owners.

Moody’s is also working to close the racial and gender gaps in finance and technology by helping schools and nonprofits prepare young people, ages 15-24, for successful careers in these fields. Most notably, Moody’s created Generation Giga Girls (G3) with Girls Inc., the first-ever data analytics program for girls from low-income communities. In 2019, the program expanded to 12 locations across North America.

Company Facts

Over 11,000 employees in more than 40 countries