No. 39 | Monsanto




  • Latinos in Senior Leadership: 22.1% more than the Top 50
  • Asians in the Workforce: 10.2% more than the Top 50
  • Level 2 Mentoring Participation: 29% more than the Top 50


Monsanto moves ahead four spots this year, continuing its commitment to diversity and inclusion during its merger with Bayer — a time during which diversity and inclusion could have easily slipped through the cracks. But this wasn't the case with the agricultural leader.

"Our leaders embrace change, which creates a more inclusive and engaged workforce," the company shared. "This is a key asset we carry into the merged organization."

The company used its Diversity Index, which measures demographics, hiring, attrition and promotion, as well as data results from the DiversityInc Top 50 survey, to develop an unconscious and conscious training program. So far, nearly a quarter of all U.S.-based employees have completed this training, including all U.S. talent acquisition team members.

The development of this first program also resulted in Unconscious Bias 2.0. This advanced training module was designed with the company's Inclusion Index in mind. Different from the Diversity Index, the Inclusion Index measures managers creating inclusive workspaces.

In 2016, 28 percent of Monsanto's new hires were people of color — higher than the company's overall representation, which went up to 22.57 percent in 2016.


Hugh Grant

Chairman & CEO

"Monsanto is focused on bringing diverse thinking, diverse experiences and diverse approaches to help the world's farmers grow food using less of the earth's natural resources. Embracing a wide range of perspectives and backgrounds is how we leverage strengths and build the strong partnerships needed to pursue solutions to the big challenges we all share."

Melissa Harper

VP of Global Talent and Inclusion & Diversity

"Deep understanding and respect for different cultures is critical for a global company like Monsanto. Farmers from all over the world look to us for innovative, modern agricultural solutions. Inclusion and diversity are crucial in creating a great place to work for our employees and a key to the success of our company."



U.S. Headquarters: St. Louis, Mo.

Global Employees: 20,608

Last Year's DiversityInc Top 50 Ranking • No.43

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