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Migrant Children Rounded Up, 'Discretely' Moved to a Tent City in West Texas During the Night

President Trump made the unconscionable decision to transport roughly 1,600 migrant children from various private foster homes and shelters around the country to a tent city in Tornillo, Texas.

The transport took place in the dead of night to reportedly prevent the children from trying to flee. Fortune reported that there are currently about 13,000 migrant children being detained by the U.S. government. The camps can hold up to 3,800 children. According to the Department of Human Services, it’s nearly $525 cheaper per child to maintain the current course of action of leaving the children in the care of foster parents and social workers.

Even though the children have been torn away from their families, there was still some semblance of normalcy. The children were being educated and socialized with other children. Under the new plan, there’s no formal requirement to educate migrant children and access to legal services would be limited. The children’s sleeping quarters reportedly include 20 bunks to a room, compared to two or three to a room in many other shelters. It’s safe to say that the “tent city” is a modern-day concentration camp for children.

Trump’s inexcusable plan is simply more racist, xenophobic rhetoric from the nation’s leader.

Attorneys for the children will continue to fight against the policies.

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