Make 2018 Your Year of Action: 'Start Something Priceless'

There is no better time than the New Year to remind ourselves that we each have the power to do something meaningful, make something special happen in our lives and our world. With the global launch ofStart Something Priceless, Mastercard (No. 7 on the DiversityInc Top 50 Companies list) is inspiring everyone to take a first step in pursuit of their chosen passion or purpose, and turn small moments into amazing memories.

“Start Something Pricelessis a call to action at a time when people expect actions, not just ads, from brands,” said Raja Rajamannar, chief marketing and communications officer at Mastercard. “This is a time when people truly believe in their own power to fuel change, and whether big or small, an action has the ability to make the world a better place. That movement is what we aim to unleash this year.

“Every day at Mastercard we work to make a difference in communities across the world, whether that’s reversing the cycle of poverty with theWorld Food Programme, donating toStand Up To Cancerto give more people support in their fight, or bringing young girls into our family to inspire and prepare for acareer in STEM.”

The#StartSomethingPricelessmovement launched today and we are encouraging people to share their pledges to pursue a passion or purpose, effect change, and lift one another up. Commitments can be anything that enriches your life, from reading a book every night with your child to adopting a dog from a shelter just use the hashtag to start something today.

The iconic Priceless campaign has been at the forefront of purpose-driven branding for 20 years, with a story that has evolved with the way people think and feel. Priceless has always been about celebrating connections and experiences, but we are now inspiring and empowering consumers to pursue something that is meaningful to them; our journey has taken us from story-telling to story-making. We are now taking Priceless to the next level, to story-inspiring.

For Mastercard, the new brand mantra will come to life across a variety of experiences and interests like travel, music, sports and philanthropy. The brand will uncover stories, create opportunities, and provoke people to think differently, all in partnership with Mastercard’s world-class sponsorship properties GRAMMY Awards, BRIT Awards, UEFA Champions League, Rugby World Cup, Australian Open, Cannes Film Festival, and the Arnold Palmer Invitational as well as through its signature Priceless Causes programs with The World Food Programme and Stand Up To Cancer.

From Adversity to Strength

Beginning this week,Start Something Pricelesswill shine a light on how passions like music and sports can help people overcome personal challenges and confront bias to pursue their dreams and transform adversity into strength.

This week Mastercard will bringStart Something Pricelessto U.S. audiences in support of music’s biggest night, the 60thAnnual GRAMMY Awards. The campaign shares the journey of a group of exceptional emerging musicians who have risen above bias or disability to realize their potential. Watch the short filmhere.

Today, Mastercard is also teasing the nextStart Something Pricelessjourney, which shows how cultural barriers crumble when people are brought together for the mutual love of sport. The emotional video shows 22 amateur football/soccer players with tight patriotic ties coming together from around the world to play a match where all egos have to be left in the locker room. The video of course, has a very special ending. Watch the teaserhere.

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