A Look At Nielsen's Millennial Media Advisors Report

As Nielsen (No. 41 on the DiversityInc Top 50 Companies list) put the finishing touches on its new Millennials on Millennials report, which examines the media habits of U.S. Millennials, the companysat down with some Nielsen associates from this generation who created the report to discuss some key insights; andsee how their own behavior measures up to those detailed in the report.

Nielsen’s inaugural Millennials on Millennials report is unique in two ways: It offers critical insight into the evolving media habits of this highly digital demographic, and it was produced by a team of Nielsen Millennial associates keen to help clients engage and reach a generation that every modern marketer is seeking a connection with.

During the discussion, the team was asked about the origins of the report, device usage trends and how their generation interacts with social media. In addition to sharing details about the first installment of the Millennials on Millennials report, the Nielsen associates offer perspective about their own media usage habits and how they alignor don’t alignwith the findings in the study.

Click here to view videos of the discussion.

Click here to view the report.

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