Kentucky Sunday School Teacher Arrested For Sexually Abusing Teenager

By Daryl Hannah

A Kentucky youth pastor and Sunday school teacher is in jail after he admitted to sexually abusing a16-year-old parishioner in order to “cure his homosexuality”.

Rex Allen Murphy was removed from the Polly Ann Church, a small congregation with approximately 400 members, and arrested last week on felony charges of sexual abuse and sexual performance on a minor, after a young man accused Murphy of inappropriate sexual behavior and threatening him with black magic if he told anyone.

According to police documents, the victim said that his Sunday school teacher had touched him inappropriately both at the church and at Murphy’s home at least 10 times over the course of six months. Murphy also allegedly threatened to expose the teen’s past indiscretions and kill teen using black magic if he ever told anyone about what he had done.

“The victim stated that the suspect told him on numerous occasions that by brushing his skin or shaking his handhe could tell his sins by the power he has. He comes from family of warlocks,” said Eubank Police Chief Colin Hatfield. “He was very scared, because the suspect, in the victim’s eyes, had been threatening his life in the form of Wicca, witchcraft, black magic,” Police Chief Hatfield continued.

Police say despite the threats the victim reached out to a coworker about the abuse who then brought it to the attention of the local police. When investigators interviewed Murphy, he allegedly confessed to the crimes and was arrested.

“At times [Murphy] did seem remorseful, through the course of the interview, the defendant stated he knew he was wrong for doing this and also knew he was in trouble.” Hatfield told The Huffington Post. “It took us an hour and a half to get a confession, and every time we’d ask him the same questions he would add more details as to how far he would go in molesting the victim.”

During the interview Murphy told police “he thought he would be able to help the victim with his battle with homosexuality because he, too, had experimented with homosexuality” but rebuffed the notion that he mentioned the black magic as a threat.

“The suspect told the victim that he had the powers to make his sins from the past come out just by brushing his skin or shaking his hand,” Hatfield said. When we asked the suspect, he said he had brought it up but not in a threatening demeanor.”

Murphy allegedly told authorities that there had been other juvenile victims in the past, but that he too was a juvenile at the time.

Murphy is currently being held on $50,000 cash bond.

Polly Ann Church Pastor Linville Dalton told Lex18 that the church is doing internal investigation that Murphy is no longer part of their congregation. He also said he did not know about the allegations but does not believe any of the alleged activities occurred on church property.

Dalton also told The Commonwealth Journal that despite previous media reports, Murphy was not a minister or youth pastor at the church.

Police are asking for help from anyone who has information regarding other potential victims. Anyone with information is urged to call at 606-425-1490.

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