Kellogg Company: Spirit Day Taking a Stand Against Bullying

Kellogg Company is No. 28 on the DiversityInc Top 50 Companies list

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As a mother, employee and consumer, I value Kellogg’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. Kellogg employs a number of initiatives to create a diverse and inclusive workplace culture: communicating its core values, training on diverse topics, providing mentoring opportunities and offering eight Business Employee Resource Groups (B/ERGs). I truly consider Kellogg to be an employer of choice.

Being an employer of choice means facilitating an environment where diversity and inclusivity are encouraged and allowing employees to be comfortable being uncomfortable, while championing ideas and causes that are nontraditional, like anti-bullying.

Last October, Kellogg partnered with GLAAD as an official Spirit Day sponsor. Spirit Day takes place during National Bullying Prevention Month and is a celebration of standing together to send a message of solidarity and acceptance to LGBTQ youth.

As part of the cross-functional team implementing Kellogg’s 2016 Spirit Day initiatives, I worked with our K Pride and Allies B/ERG to take a stand against bullying and bring awareness to this important issue. Many of our most popular brands turned their social media channels purple, the official anti-bullying color, to show their support of Spirit Day.

The anti-bullying message resonated positively with many people; trending on Twitter, and generating more than 81 million media impressions.

As an organization committed to diversity and inclusion, our peers took notice of our efforts and presented our Spirit Day team with Kellogg’s highest honor, the W.K. Kellogg Values Award. This global award is given annually to a select number of employees who demonstrate the values of the company in action. Winning is a tremendous honor and a testament to the company’s position on the importance of standing up against bullying.

To continue this commitment, Kellogg will partner with GLAAD as a 2017 Spirit Day sponsor. Our brands will turn their social media channels purple on Thursday, Oct. 19, and the team has filmed a creative video to encourage conversation on this important topic. Watch as some familiar characters share their thoughts and feelings on bullying here.

I am proud that anti-bullying has been embraced by all levels of the organization, including the highest. I love working for a company that recognizes and celebrates the unique perspectives we all bring to the table and won’t stand for anything less.

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