Kansas City, Kansas police are on the scene after two gunmen entered a Kansas City, Kansas, bar early Sunday, Oct. 6, 2019 and shot multiple people, killing several of them. The shooting occurred shortly after 1:30 a.m. at the bar near 10th Street and Central Avenue. (Tammy Ljungblad/The Kansas City Star via AP)

Four Dead in Mass Shooting in Kansas City, One Suspect Arrested

Four people were killed and five were injured in the most recent mass shooting in 2019 at a bar in Kansas City, Kan., the Washington Post reported. One of the two shooters had been arrested as of Sunday afternoon.

The two suspects, Javier Alatorre, 23, and Hugo Villanueva-Morales, 29, allegedly had had a disagreement with people at the Tequila KC bar, left, and then returned to open fire inside, the Associated Press reported. Alatorre was arrested, but Villanueva-Morales is still at large.

“We think there was something that happened in the bar earlier probably,” a police spokesperson told the Associated Press. “Unfortunately, they left and decided to take it to another level, came back and started shooting … It’s a pretty small bar, so if you have two guys come in and start shooting, people are just running, running anywhere they can.”

The two men returned and started shooting around 1:30 a.m. with around 40 people inside. Everyone killed was Hispanic, but the police officers do not believe it was racially motivated or random. The bar is in a neighborhood with a large Hispanic population.

Of the five injured, two have already been released with minor injuries, the Post reported. The four men who died range in age from mid-20s to 50s, the Post reported.

A man named Juan Ramirez told The Kansas City Star that his 29-year-old nephew, also a father to two young children, was among those killed.

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Alatorre and Villanueva-Morales were caught on surveillance footage which was then released to the public to help capture the suspects.

The area has seen a spate of gun violence in the last several years. In 2014, a former leader of the Ku Klux Klan shot and killed three people outside a Jewish center in Overland Park, Kan. In April, one man died and three others were injured in a shooting outside a home on Michigan Avenue in Kansas City.

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