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Kaiser Permanente Launches Health360 Plan with Delta Dental of Washington

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For Kaiser Permanente members in Washington, connected medical and dental coverage creates opportunities for better health management.

Kaiser Permanente and Delta Dental of Washington are teaming up to provide Health360, a medical-dental plan focused on better overall outcomes and a lower total cost of care.

This product is positioned to serve mid-size employers and provide a single point of contact for many aspects of the medical and dental plan administration. As research has shown consistently, oral health has a direct impact on whole body health, including for those with long-term health conditions such as diabetes or heart disease. With this new, combined medical and dental coverage, consumers can simplify their benefits program, improve overall health, and experience lower costs. Employers benefit through bundled packages and pricing.

“Prevention is at the core of our care philosophy, and oral health has a direct impact on overall health,” said Avantika Waring, MD, medical director for Kaiser Permanente’s diabetes program. “Kaiser Permanente members already receive convenient, coordinated care through our seamlessly integrated system. Through Health360, your doctors, nurses, specialists, and, now, your dentist will work together to keep you healthy.”

Health360 focuses on providing a preventive dental care offering, which includes member incentives and bundled pricing, creating a medical-dental care package with a single point of contact for medical and dental plan administration.

“Our mission is to improve oral and overall health,” said Linda Lay, vice president of sales and account management for Delta Dental. “This vital partnership with Kaiser Permanente demonstrates our shared belief that dental care is health care and will serve as an innovative model for the integration of dental care and whole-body health. We believe our communities will embrace this more holistic approach to integrated care and overall health.”

Enhanced dental benefits through Health360 will help high-risk patients stay healthy with a focus on preventive dental care, including extra cleanings and examinations for members managing conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and pregnancy, where good oral health can greatly impact overall health.

Long focused on wellness and prevention, Kaiser Permanente has an integrated approach to care, which empowers patients to choose teams of providers who collaborate to provide highly effective and individualized care. Patients have access to primary care, specialty care, mental health, pharmacy, radiology, labs, and more through one integrated, convenient, patient-centered network. Joining with Delta Dental to offer Health360 is another step in our journey toward whole-person care.

Health360 is available to mid-size employer groups starting September 2020 with coverage effective January 1, 2021.

About Delta Dental of Washington

Delta Dental of Washington is the state’s leading dental benefit provider, covering nearly 3 million people in Washington state and nationally. As the only not-for-profit carrier dedicated to improving oral health in Washington, Delta Dental plays a vital role extending access to care for the underserved and vulnerable populations through the Arcora Foundation, corporate philanthropy and oral health advocacy – to ensure all people enjoy good oral health and overall health, with no one left behind. For more information, visit: www.deltadentalwa.com.

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