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Blacks, Asians and Latinos in Total Management: 66.6% higher than Top 10 companies, double the Top 50 average and more than double the national average

Asians in Total Management: More than double the Top 10 average and triple the Top 50 average

Blacks in Senior Leadership: 77.8% higher than the Top 10 and twice the Top 50 average


Kaiser Permanente jumps to the No. 1 spot this year as it continues its ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion. According to the company, “Kaiser Permanente fosters a highly diverse culture as a cornerstone of its mission and business strategy.”

This commitment starts right at the top of the organization with Chairman and CEO Bernard J. Tyson. Tyson personally signs off on executive compensation tied to diversity, diversity metrics and progress and goals and achievements for supplier diversity.

Kaiser Permanente has also achieved high success in employing minorities at the senior level, particularly when it comes to Asian employees.

In addition, many of Kaiser Permanente’s employees participate in Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), which they refer to as Multicultural Business Resource Groups (MBRGs) or Unit Based Teams (UBTs). The company has a total of 12 groups, which are open to all employees, and more than 3,500 chapters.


Bernard J. Tyson

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

“Kaiser Permanente’s 70-year history is inextricably linked to and rooted in diversity and inclusion. Our founders refused to segregate and insisted on making our health plan available to all. Today, our organization and the people we are honored to serve are incredibly diverse. It is our collective differences that empower us every day, and enable us to consistently deliver high-quality and affordable health care to our members, customers, and communities.”

Dr. Ronald Copeland

Senior Vice President, National Diversity Strategy and Policy, and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

“Kaiser Permanente remains deeply committed to advancing and expanding our diversity and inclusion expertise in order to drive transformation of our industry and to create equitable health improvements in the lives of all people and communities we are privileged to serve.”


U.S. Headquarters: Oakland, Calif.

GlobalEmployees: 184,688

Last Year’s DiversityInc Top 50 Ranking No. 2

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