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  • Johnson & Johnson’s commitment to diversity and inclusion has always been an integral theme of the company’s Credo (https://www.jnj.com/credo/) which are the values that govern their decision making.  The Credo was updated in 2018 for its 75th anniversary to explicitly make D&I a responsibility of all employees by providing an inclusive work environment where each person must be considered as an individual and respecting the diversity and dignity of each employee.
  • Chairman and CEO Alex Gorsky and all of his direct reports participate in a global sponsorship initiative which has resulted in 100% retention of all participants with a significant percentage being promoted from Director to VP.
  • Over 100,000 employees globally have completed unconscious bias training and the company continues to mitigate bias in their performance standards as well as their interview, onboarding, and development processes.
  • Through their new framework and governance model, ERGs at Johnson & Johnson continue to drive outcomes across the D&I strategic pillars and have expanded globally with nearly 50 new chapters in 2018.


Johnson & Johnson is honored to have earned a prestigious spot in the Hall of Fame this year.

Under the leadership of the company’s Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, Wanda Bryant Hope, D&I at Johnson & Johnson has become a business imperative and the company continues to drive outcomes across their three strategic pillars: advancing a culture of inclusion and innovation; building a diverse workforce for the future and enhancing business performance and reputation.

A key success factor in achieving their D&I priorities is the commitment from Chairman and CEO Alex Gorsky, who holds his leaders accountable for integrating D&I into their business strategies and leverages his role as the Chair of the Governance Committee for the Business Roundtable to partner with other CEOs to advance D&I globally.

This commitment was also underscored when the company celebrated the 75th anniversary of Our Credo with revisions that explicitly make D&I the responsibility of each employee.

The Diversity & Inclusion team at Johnson & Johnson continues to partner with key stakeholders across the company to enhance their culture of belonging through embedding D&I throughout the talent management spectrum from recruitment, to development, to advancement. The company uses technology to help eliminate gender bias in job descriptions, and they develop the capabilities of interviewers to mitigate bias during the interview process.

Ensuring development programs address the needs of all their employees is another key success. Their Enterprise Sponsorship Program for Diverse Talent expanded globally, and the Company launched the Diversity & Inclusion Honors program to recognize and celebrate Johnson & Johnson employees who harnessing the power of diversity and inclusion to advance their business strategy.

Finally, Johnson & Johnson has made D&I relevant globally across the company. Engaging and understanding the needs of their diverse patients, consumers and customers are top priorities to drive innovation and growth and tackle the challenges presented by the rapidly changing healthcare landscape, shifting demographics and changes in the workplace around the world.


gorsky CEO(1)

Alex Gorsky
Chairman and CEO

“At Johnson & Johnson, our commitment to diversity and inclusion has been part of the fabric of our company for more than 130 years. We have both the great responsibility, and opportunity, to leverage our diverse and inclusive workforce to unleash the potential of our over 130,000 employees to tackle the world’s most pressing healthcare challenges.”

Wanda Bryant Hope
Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer

“Our vision for Diversity & Inclusion at Johnson & Johnson is: Be Yourself, Change the World. We strive for that every day by embedding D&I into the way we do business – enabling everyone to feel they belong and perform at their best. This is how we foster the innovations that are the foundation of our success.”



U.S. Headquarters: New Brunswick, N.J.

Global Employees: 130,000

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