2021 Noteworthy Company | Johnson Controls

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At the beginning of FY20, our CEO formally recommitted to the work and the office of Diversity and Inclusion, expanding the team and supporting a new D&I mission, vision and roadmap to direct our path forward. Our renewed focus served as a call to empower every JCI employee to do their part to create, sustain and protect our rich culture of inclusion.

The six pillars of our roadmap are: Employee Experience, Business Resource Groups, Learning and Development, Talent Acquisition, External Relationships and Metrics and Measurements. 

Our mission, vision and roadmap are firm and our leadership is committed at every level, from our Board of Directors, CEO and Executive Committee to our frontline managers. We have doubled down on developing and promoting our internal talent and are using a robust diversity recruiting program to fill in talent gaps. 

At JCI, we provide opportunities for our employees to come together and have courageous and meaningful dialogue about events happening in the world that impact both them and our communities.


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U.S. Headquarters: Milwaukee, WI

Global Employees: 99,382

2020 DiversityInc Top 50 Ranking: Noteworthy


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