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Introducing the TD Community Resilience Initiative Dedicated to COVID-19 Response and Community Recovery

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Living our commitment: Increasing our support for COVID-19 response efforts and community recovery

Across society, lives are being disrupted in unprecedented ways and at TD, we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the communities we serve.

Within the Bank, our colleagues continue to raise their hand to help, find creative solutions, and support each other during this time of stress. For example, through the TD Colleague Matching Program, you’re helping raise funds for a trio of charitable organizations, including The Frontline Fund via SickKids Charitable Giving Fund; the COVID-19 Community Response and Recovery Fund through the United Way; and the Canadian Association of Community Health Centres. We have stepped up in big ways through this period and it is a testament to our unique culture and spirit at TD.

The TD Community Resilience Initiative

We know that we thrive when our communities thrive, and today we are excited to announce the launch of the TD Community Resilience Initiative. Part of the TD Ready Commitment, this effort will dedicate $25 million (CAD) in strategic philanthropy to help meet the evolving needs of our communities at a very local level during this time and as we look towards recovery.

These organizations and charities are tackling some of the most pressing and urgent problems facing our society, and their work is critical to the future well-being of the communities across our footprint.

Initial funding through the TD Community Resilience Initiative will include:

Initial funding through the TD Community Resilience Initiative will include:

  • $13 million toward philanthropy efforts across our communities and in alignment with the TD Ready Commitment’s four drivers (Connected Communities, Vibrant Planet, Financial Security and Better Health), including support for:
    • Existing TD-supported community organizations to fund immediate, short-term needs and save not-for-profit jobs at risk due to funding shortfalls
    • A redirection of funds to regional community banking offices to allow for a more local response to regional COVID-19 impacts in Canada and in the U.S.
    • The United Way Local Love Fund
    • Community initiatives that support individuals’ financial security, including income stability and affordable housing
    • Community initiatives that support healthcare workers, including $1 million to The Frontline Fund to assist Canadian healthcare frontline workers with supplies, supports and research funding to fight COVID-19; and $1 million to the Canadian Association of Health Centres and the U.S.-based National Association of Community Health Centers to support their work with those most vulnerable in society
  • $2 million matching grants program, to amplify the impact of TD colleague donations to organizations that support COVID-19 relief
  • $10 million through the TD Ready Challenge, an annual program that supports organizations develop innovative solutions that benefit society, which will be dedicated to pandemic recovery in 2020. Details to be announced later this spring.

Impact in action

Through our support of organizations like The Frontline Fund, the TD Community Resilience Initiative will not only help provide vital equipment like masks, disinfectants and lifesaving ventilators that hospitals across Canada require, but will also provide frontline workers with the supports needed to reduce the mental toll of the pandemic, including peer-to-peer mental health support and hotel rooms near the hospital that will help frontline workers protect their families, get much needed rest, and prepare themselves for the effort ahead.

When we work together and live our purpose to enrich lives through these unprecedented times, we will continue to deliver for our customers, support one another and serve our communities.

Strong communities will lead to stronger economies and we are determined – as a bank and as community-members – to help society overcome the current crisis and build a bright and inclusive future together.

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