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Humana’s Annual Report on Employee Well-Being Illustrates the Company’s Culture and Highlights Resiliency

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Enterprise strategy proved essential in response and recovery amid COVID-19 pandemic

Humana Inc. has released its latest annual report on employee well-being, which continues to show that passion for whole-person well-being, both inside and outside the workplace, can enhance employee quality of life, improve personal health, elevate organizational performance, and positively impact care for customers.

Access the interactive, digital report here. It measures all aspects of well-being — encompassing the collective sense of purpose, health, belonging and security of Humana’s employees.

The current pandemic impacts well-being in multiple ways — physical health, financial security, emotional health, social connection, and others. Facing the COVID-19 crisis, Humana has found that nurturing a caring culture of whole-person health and well-being over the years has increased the resiliency of employees. This cultural strength has helped meet employees’ needs while enabling them to quickly and compassionately meet the needs of members in an unprecedented time. Employees are leading by example as a collaborative recovery focused on human care unfolds.

Throughout the five years preceding the coronavirus crisis, research demonstrated high levels of employee trust and belief that Humana was committed to their well-being, consistently with 85% or more agreeing. In the wake of COVID-19, tracking indicates that percentage has jumped to all-time highs, signaling deep trust among associates in their care for one another, and from Humana.

This purpose-driven focus on improving peoples’ health and well-being helps team members understand and empathize with those they serve. It grounds the mission to help Humana’s members have their best health, especially now.

“Well-being has become foundational to the work-culture and experience of our associates,” said Tim State, Senior Vice President, Associate Health and Well-Being at Humana. “Together we celebrate our progress, care for each other through challenges, and set our sights on the possibilities of what is ahead. The COVID-19 pandemic has tested the daily lives of us all, but it has also validated our strategy of protecting and enhancing holistic health. Through everything, our commitment to each other and everyone we serve has never been stronger. We put people and their well-being first. That is who we are.”

The report finds an open and caring culture, a strengthening sense of purpose, and strides in emotional and physical health, all making a difference to employees’ overall well-being. The impact on Healthy Days – a CDC measure of physical and mental well-being Humana tracks as part of its Bold Goal commitment – is particularly significant.

Specific findings from the Well-being Report:

  • Caring leadership counts, as employees who indicate their leader really cares for their well-being experience almost four more Healthy Days every month
  • Inclusion efforts pay off, as employees who feel like they really belong at Humana have nearly nine weeks more of Healthy Days each year.
  • Career-fit bolsters emotional health, as employees who feel their day-to-day work complements their passions, strengths and expertise, are less stressed and significantly more resilient.
  • Helping employees become emotionally resilient enables nine more Healthy Days per month compared to those who don’t believe they can overcome challenges.
  • Resilience-building influenced better outcomes, as elevated stress fell to 32.4%, down from 36.4% in 2018 and 44.3% in 2017.
  • Sustained focus can improve population health, as the population’s average number of biometric risks dropped to the lowest level since 2015, and for employees with Humana since 2012, biometric risks are 23% lower than would be expected due to aging.

Humana’s cultural commitment to all aspects of well-being allowed employees to meet their Bold Goal at the end of 2018, improving their well-being by 20% and gaining 2.3 million more Healthy Days. The company is making strides toward achieving a new goal of 500,000 more Healthy Days by the end of 2022.

Focused resources and experiences continue to move employees toward healthier emotional lives. The support is delivered continually across the company, through virtual and in-person live sessions, videos and podcasts. The aim is helping people develop a positive mindset, build resilience skills, and extend caring behaviors among teams and with members.

With thousands of clinicians, other medical professionals and customer-facing team members, a particular focus has been toward addressing the work struggles and friction points of these front-line employees. As a result, perceived stress in that employee segment was measurably reduced.

Through listening and learning over the years, Humana has reinforced its commitment to well-being by investing in benefits and resources that address employee needs. The results include the Associate Incentive Plan, Financial Guidance, Caregiver & Parental Leave, and Well-being Time. Along with an array of lifestyle health programs, Go365 supports physical, emotional and spiritual health by providing rewards for engagement and whole-person well-being. And the WOW! Working on Well-being® program supports employees’ enhancing their sense of purpose, belonging and security.

Humana has found that hiring and leading passionate and engaged employees is the lynchpin to long-term company growth and success. One of the best ways to create a world-class workforce is for companies to care for and invest in employees’ health and well-being. Helping employees improve their lives translates to stronger, sustainable business results over the long term.


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