Humana Again Gets Gold Award in American Heart Association’s Workplace Health Achievement Index

Originally Published by Humana

For the third year in a row, Humana Inc. (NYSE: HUM) has achieved top Gold-level recognition in the American Heart Association’s Workplace Health Achievement Index, a science-based assessment that defines best practices and evaluates the quality, comprehensiveness and effectiveness of an organization’s efforts to improve employee health and well-being and a health-focused culture.

Humana’s Total Index Score of 210 places it in the 96th percentile of participating companies.

“We’re proud of earning this recognition once again, and we’re especially proud of the improvements our teammates continue to make in their lives,” said Tim State, Senior Vice President of Associate Health and Well-being at Humana. “We’re cultivating a culture of health and well-being here that’s core to our identity, and our teammates have taken that to heart. Their journeys are personal and in many ways life-changing. We thrive on that sense of shared purpose. It’s a powerful part of the Humana experience that fuels our work and provides the empathy and engagement we need to best serve our customers in their health journeys.”

The Workplace Health Achievement Index was born from the CEO Roundtable, which called on the AHA to deliver an evidence-based approach to measure and recognize success in improving employee health and the corporate culture of well-being. The index shows which companies have implemented the critical tools, program experiences and leadership to achieve top-line results.

The AHA has seven pillars of best practices for workplace health promotion, and Humana scored 100 in five of those categories — Leadership, Communications, Programs, Engagement and Partnerships.

The Workplace Health Achievement Index also calculates the average heart health of an organization’s workforce, measuring things like smoking status, physical activity, healthy diet, healthy weight, blood pressure, total cholesterol, and fasting glucose levels.

Humana achieved a heart health score of 8.11, as compared to an average of 7.78 for CEO Roundtable companies.

Humana has a longstanding commitment to holistic well-being – encompassing each employee’s sense of purpose, health, belonging and security – and progress through the years has been captured, analyzed and shared within the company. Earlier this year, Humana made the first public release of its Annual Associate Well-Being Report, which you can find here.

Highlights of the report include:

  • Enhanced overall well-being, with nearly 75% of measures improving over 2017. Since 2012, employees have experienced more than a 45% improvement in overall well-being
  • Achievement of the first-ever Associate Bold Goal, gaining 2.3 million more Healthy Days – or roughly an extra week of better days per year for each associate
  • Setting a new goal to achieve 500,000 more Healthy Days and for at least 90% of teams to improve their well-being by the end of 2022
  • A stronger commitment to volunteerism, with nearly 50 percent of employees finding ways to give back to their communities in 2018
  • Fewer modifiable health risks, averaging 20% below expected trend given the associate population’s aging and other factors
  • Reduced stress, with fewer employees reporting elevated levels
  • A stronger sense of community and belonging as 80% of associates believe Humana has an environment where everyone can fully be themselves
  • A higher sense of security, especially financial security, as measured by the Humana Well-being Index

Humana’s internal commitment to health and well-being also applies to the communities the company serves. Humana’s Bold Goal is to improve the health of the communities it serves 20 percent by 2020 and beyond, by making it easier for people to achieve their best health.

Among highlights of the most recent Bold Goal report:

  • Five of Humana’s seven original Bold Goal communities reduced Unhealthy Days
  • Humana Medicare members in San Antonio achieved a 9.8 percent improvement
  • Screened 500,000 people for social determinants of health across Bold Goal communities and Humana, setting a new goal of 1 million by the end of 2019

Humana knows that well-being starts with culture, and that support and senior leadership are key. When employees thrive in all aspects of well-being, engagement and productivity increase, while turnover and healthcare costs go down.



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