Hospital Websites That Demonstrate Culturally Competent Care

By Debby Scheinholtz

For a hospital, the way a website welcomes potential patients and their families is key. DiversityInc has determined that the following are must-haves for a hospital system seeking to communicate its diversity commitment on its external website:

  • Personal quote about diversity from the CEO
  • Images, video or text to specifically address Blacks, Latinos, Asians, American Indians and LGBT people as employees or patients
  • Links to individual resource groups, ideally with photos and statements from members or executive sponsors
  • Health-disparities or community-outreach information, linked from or featured in diversity section
  • Diversity page that is easily accessible from the homepage and not hidden under community development or careers sections (although cross-referencing diversity from these areas is appropriate)
  • Description of diversity goals and progress, including metrics
  • Up-to-date list of diversity-related awards and accomplishments (e.g., DiversityInc Top 10 Hospitals 2013 logo)
  • Current supplier-diversity contact information as well as supplier-diversity accomplishments and awards
  • Diversity-related video testimonials and success stories—this can include stories about mentees and mentors, utilization of resource groups, community outreach, etc.
  • A diversity annual report, if available, as a PDF or as web links

Here are some highlights from the websites of hospitals in DiversityInc’s Top 10 Hospital Systems.

University Hospitals (No. 1 in DiversityInc’s Top 10 Hospital Systems)

Diversity Page: (One click off home page, under “About”)

  • PDF of diversity annual report prominently displayed on diversity front page
  • Rotating section featuring all of UH’s diversity-related awards
  • Supplier diversity featured on diversity homepage
  • Discussion of Affordable Care Act in annual report
  • Statement in diversity annual report signed by UH’s chairman and its CEO

Henry Ford Health System (No. 2)

Diversity Page: (One click off homepage, at bottom within topic index)

Cleveland Clinic (No. 3)

Diversity Page: (One click off homepage, at bottom within topic index)

Continuum Health Partners (No. 4)

Diversity Page: (One click off homepage)

  • Destination Diversity, Continuum’s branded diversity initiative, is featured on homepage
  • Message from EVP/COO and CDO on first page of diversity section
  • DiversityInc Top 10 Hospital Systems press release in “What’s New” box on homepage
  • More substantive program information on individual hospital websites, e.g., “Traditional and Indigenous Healing Systems”

SSM Healthcare (No. 5)

Diversity Page: (One click off homepage)

  • Diversity prominent on homepage
  • Board chair’s statement featured in diversity section
  • DiversityInc Top 10 Hospital Systems logo visible in several places throughout the site
  • Transparency: diversity goals and policy featured on website, along with scorecard
  • Historical timeline of diversity journey—unique and interesting feature
  • Sections on patients, workforce, suppliers and communities

    • Workforce section is excellent—video and audio clips of all kinds of stakeholders, section on nurses
    • Supplier section has contact info

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