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  • Blacks, Latinos and Asians Among Those Promoted Into Management: 48% more than the Top 5
  • Level 1 Mentoring Participation: 23.4% more than the Top 10
  • Level 1 Sponsoring ERGs: 30.4% more than the Top 50

Hilton moves up an impressive 12 spots in 2017, its third consecutive year on the Top 50 list.
Commitment to diversity and inclusion begins at the top for Hilton. President and CEO Chris Nassetta chairs the company's Executive Diversity Council (EDC), which consists of senior team members and reviews D&I; programs and initiatives.

In 2016 Hilton launched its first Team Member Resource Group (TMRG) aimed at millennials. Since 2012, membership in TMRGs has increased 150 percent, and the company has gone from 20 corporate chapters to 46.

Hilton also went above and beyond Operation: Opportunity, its initiative with a goal to hire 10,000 military veterans and their families over five years. The company reached its goal in just three years. "Through our recruitment efforts, we have found members of the military and veterans are a natural fit for Hilton," Matt Welsh, vice president of global recruiting, shared with DiversityInc. "We share similar values — like integrity, ownership, leadership and teamwork.

"Our teams are truly inspirational in the purpose-driven work they do to create welcoming and inclusive work environments, and amazing experiences for our guests," says Chief Human Resources Officer Matthew Schuyler, who also serves as the executive sponsor of the millennial TMRG.


Christopher J. Nassetta

Christopher J. Nassetta

President and Chief Executive Officer

"Diversity is a key component of delivering on a bottom line because in the end, if you have a diverse organization you will ultimately end up making better decisions that allow for better performance."

Matthew W. Schuyler

Matthew W. Schuyler

EVP and Chief Human Resources Officer

"With a presence of over 4,900 properties in 104 countries and territories, Hilton is truly a company of diverse cultures, serving diverse guests. Celebrating the diversity of our Team Members, owners, vendors and customers enables us to better serve our guests and the communities where we do business."


U.S. Headquarters: McLean, Va.
Global Employees: 159,654

Last Year's DiversityInc Top 50 Ranking • No. 42


• No. 4 Mentoring
• No. 6 Supplier Diversity
• No. 10 People with Disabilities
• No. 12 Employee Resource Groups
• No. 14 Veterans
• Global Diversity

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