High Potentials and the War for Talent Special Awards Event Agenda

Goals for Event:

  • Learn from companies that excel at succession planning how to identify the best talent as “high potentials” (future leaders of company)
  • Review case studies of methods of engaging, retaining and developing these leaders effectively, with demonstrated results
  • Benchmark your high potential data against national standards and DiversityInc Top 50 leaders — for example, in the U.S., 4% of managers on average are considered “high potential” (SHRM). For Top 50 companies, that percentage is 16% and for Top 10 companies, it is 25%


8:30-9:30 a.m.Networking Breakfast

9:30-9:45a.m. Opening Remarks, Luke Visconti, CEO, DiversityInc

9:45-10:15 Why You Need High Potentials and Where to Find Them

Speaker: David Rodriguez, Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Marriott International

Session Content:

*Demonstrate increasing need for workers in U.S. and globally. (Marriott plans to add 25,000-30,000 jobs globally in the next year and 150,000 in the next five years, with a significant number in U.S.)

*Analyze how Marriott is recruiting, engaging and retaining high potentials i.e. emphasis on cross-generational mentoring; repositioning of employee resource groups as talent network groups; Emerging Leaders program focusing on younger Blacks, Latinos, Asian, women with emphasis on sponsorship.

*Show results: Recent efforts have increased Millennial engagement by 10-15%

10:15-10:45 a.m. How to Ensure Your High Potentials are Diverse

Speaker: Caryn Parlavecchio, Vice President and Head of HR and US Country Head HR, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation

Session Content:

*Case study of how the No. 1 company on the DiversityInc Top 50 dramatically improved diversity in talent pipeline to top, especially with women

*Show results: Since 2010, the percentage of women at the top level (CEO and direct reports) has tripled, while the percentage of women at levels 2 and 3 has increased by 42 and 31%, respectively.Asians also have strong representation, especially in management, where NPC has 45% more than the DiversityInc Top 50 average.

*Show exactly how senior leadership was involved in setting goals and whichspecific leadership-development programs yielded the best results

10:45-11:00 a.m.Break

11 a.m.-12:00 p.m.Panel High Potentials: Why I Stayed at My Company

Panelists: Dontae Newell, Chief of Staff to VP, Hauling & Extraction, Caterpillar; Porsche Pettiford, Regional Senior Director Modern Essentials and Extended Stay Lodging, Marriott International; and Lisa Hutter, SVP, Wealth Brokerage and Retirement Regional Planning Manager, Wells Fargo

Session Content:

*3 case studies of high potentials from under-represented groups who had opportunity to leave but stayed

*Demonstrate why their corporate culture was important and how values/culture were communicated

*Discuss how they knew they were high potentials

*Analyze their personal experiences in leadership development and what worked and what could have been improved

12-1:20 p.m. Why We Have A Global Shortage of Skilled Workers

Lunch Speaker: Dr. Bill Castellano, Rutgers University

Session Content:

*Global shortage of 95 million skilled workers predicted in the next five years

*US labor-force participation now at 62.9%, lowest rate since 1978

*Dr. Castellano, author ofPractices for Engaging the 21stCentury Workforce: Challenges of Talent Managementand Associate Dean, Executive and Professional Education, will explain today’s “new normal”and how companies can use new methods to recruit and engage a shrinking workforce.

1:20-1:50 p.m. Assessing High Potential Success

Speaker: Brian Fishel, SVP, Chief Talent Officer, KeyCorp

Session Content:

*Explain why the nine-box method of evaluating “high potentials” is outdated

*Discuss the most effective metrics to find high potentials (and why) and how you can accurately factor runway (time to get up to speed) and executive presence potential

*Analyze how to monitor high potentials’ success and how to evaluate how well your high potential program is creating a succession pipeline

2-2:45 p.m. Panel: Transparency & High Potentials

Panelists: Patricia Rossman,Chief Diversity Officer, BASF; Peter Lease, Partner/ Northeast Regional Talent Team leader, EY; Chris Louie, SVP of Talent Acquisition, Nielsen

Session Content:

*Panel of three HR leaders will address growing controversy over whether you tell people (and their managers and peers) they are high potentials and how their companies evolved

*Will explore traditional reasons for keeping employees in the dark about status (they can fall off the list; others will be demoralized)

*Companies will showcase why and how they chose transparency in identifying high potentials and how that has improved engagement and retention

2:45-3:00 p.m.Break

3-3:30 p.m. Experiential Development for High Potentials

Speaker:Cara Peck, Head of Enterprise Talent Planning and Development, Wells Fargo

Session Content:

*Show companies how to get high potentials out of their comfort zone and what impact new assignments have on engagement and retention

*Demonstrate through personal stories and case studies from Wells Fargo why it’s important for high potentials to have diverse business experiences and how Wells Fargo has made a concerted effort to do that

*Show results of stretch assignments (promotion rates)

3:30-4:00 p.m. Best Practices for High Potentials With an Enhanced Focus on Under-Represented Groups

Speaker: Michael Fenlon, Principal US and Global Talent,PricewaterhouseCoopers

Session Content:

*Analyze how the war for talent impacts PwC’s workforce and how the firm is addressing it.

*Showcase the real-world solutions to hiring more Millennials and skilled workers

4:00 pmClosing Remarks, Luke Visconti, CEO, DiversityInc


Dinner Agenda

Attire: Business

5:30-6:30 p.m. Cocktail Reception

6:30 p.m.Dinner in the Ballroom

6:40-6:45 p.m. Opening Remarks, Luke Visconti, CEO, DiversityInc

6:45-6:55 p.m. First award, Community Service Excellence Award,Kevin Hourican, SVP, CVS Pharmacy, CVS Health

6:55-7:05 p.m. Second award, Corporate Heroes Award,Stephen Fry, SVP, Human Resources, Eli Lilly

7:05-8:05 p.m. Dinner Service & Networking

8:05-8:15 p.m. Third award, Corporate Heroes Award,Deepti Jain, Vice President & COO, Anthem Pharmacy Solutions, Anthem

8:15-8:25 p.m. Fourth award – Corporate Heroes Award,Thad B. Ewald, VP, Corporate Strategy – Cummins

8:25-8:45 p.m. Dessert & Networking

8:45-8:50 p.m. Closing Remarks, Luke Visconti, CEO, DiversityInc

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