George Zimmerman: 'Do You Know Who I Am I'll F—ing Kill You'

By Julissa Catalan

George Zimmermanthe neighborhood-watch volunteer acquitted for the murder of unarmed Black teen Trayvon Martincannot seem to control his violent outbursts.

This time, he is being accused of threatening a motorist during a roadrage incident.

On Tuesday, Matthew Apperson called Lake Mary, Fla., police after recognizing Zimmerman as the man who threatened his life.

According to Apperson, he was listening to music in his car with the windows rolled up when a truck pulled up beside him at a red light. The passenger in the truck then rolled down his window and shouted at Apperson, “Hey, what’s your problem Why you shaking your finger”

Apperson said he does not know what provoked the confrontation.

Zimmerman, who was driving the pickup, then allegedly said: “Do you know who I am I’ll f—ing kill you.”

Apperson drove off and pulled into a gas station to call the police. He said Zimmerman’s truck followed him and blocked him in. But by the time officers arrived, Zimmerman had already left the scene.

Apperson told police, “He almost hit my car and he said he would shoot me then. Both of them were threatening to shoot me and kill me.”

On Thursday, Apperson made a second call to authorities: Zimmerman was in the parking lot of Apperson’s office building.

When questioned by police, Zimmerman said he was there coincidentally for a doctor’s appointment.

In a police surveillance video of the questioning, an officer can be seen taking a gun from Zimmerman’s waistband, before Zimmerman goes on to produce what looks to be a gun license.

CBS Miami obtained the police footage. Watch the video here:

Apperson did not press charges following either run-in with Zimmerman. He declined to comment when reached by phone by The Associated Press.

Zimmerman has had a string of brushes with the law since Martin’s death.

Two months after being acquitted of murder, Zimmerman was arrested for threatening his own wife, Shellie Zimmerman, with a gun. Though Shellie filed for divorce following the incident, she refused to press charges.

Later that year, Zimmerman was arrested for domestic violenceafter he pointed a shotgun at new girlfriend, Samantha Scheibe, and then locked her out of their shared home.

Zimmerman has also been pulled over for speeding twice since being acquittedone of the times he admitted to police that he had a handgun in his glove compartment.

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