Fox Replaces O'Reilly With a Misogynist Racist

After numerous women came forward alleging sexual harassment at the hands of Bill O’Reilly, Fox News’ parent company, 21st Century Fox, on Wednesday announced the former host would not be returning to the network.

The latest public claim came from a Black woman, now identified as Perquita Burgess, who said O’Reilly called her “hot chocolate” and made noises at her at work.

O’Reilly’s latest sexual harassment lawsuit came from a Black woman who said he called her “hot chocolate.”

Perhaps not surprisingly, O’Reilly’s replacement, Tucker Carlson, has a history of making racist and sexist comments on and off air, showing that despite O’Reilly’s ouster, things will be business as usual at Fox News.


Carlson has a large fan base among racists, notably in the neo-Nazi publication the Daily Stormer.

The website’s founder, Andrew Anglin, often expresses praise for Carlson in response to attacks on Jews who appear on his show, which Anglin said should be called “The Evening Holocaust with Tucker Carlson.”

“Tucker Carlson is a one-man HOLOCAUST!” Anglin writes in one article.

“Tucker Carlson may well be the New Hitler we’ve been looking for,” he says in another.

Former KKK grand wizard David Duke is also a fan of Carlson. In December he praised Carlson for standing up to “Jewish Supremacists.”

And Carlson continues giving his fans what they want. In 2016 Carlson said that anyone who acknowledges that white privilege exists is “by definition, a racist.”

“Anyone who alleges the white privilege is, by definition, a racist,” he said. “I think we can say that and we should say that. That’s not a legitimate form of conversation. That’s tarring an entire group based on the way they look. That’s the definition of racism and I think people should stand up and say that because it’s true.”

DiversityInc CEO Luke Visconti explains the idea of “white privilege” in a column:

“Some non-white people do ‘play the race card.’ However, I’ll point out that white people ‘play the race card’ every day of their lives. They may not know it, but they do. Such is the privilege of being white in this country.”

“Being white means you never have to think about race; you never consider that your application to college will be treated differently; that the police officer stopping you isn’t out for anything more than how fast you were going; that your boss didn’t really mean to insult you to your core when he said ‘You’re so articulate’ or dismiss your entire being by saying ‘I don’t care if you’re Black, Yellow, Brown, Green or Polka-Dot,” he adds.

In March Carlson defended U.S. Congressman Steve King of Iowa, who took to Twitter to promote the white nationalist position on immigrants, saying, “We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.”

Carlson had King on his show following the tweet and came to his aid.

“Everything you said, I think, is defensible and probably right,” Carlson said to the congressman.

King’s comments had drawn ire from all sides, including fellow Republicans.

In February on “Fox & Friends” Carlson alleged that “Moonlight” earned its Oscar over “La La Land” thanks to a “political imperative” and a “moral” obligation.

“You knew it had to happen, because ‘Moonlight’ had to win,” Carlson said. “That’s the law. There was really no way around that. This was a forgone conclusion because it’s not just a good movie. It’s an important movie. It’s a movie that instructs you, that changes you morally, and that’s kind of the aim of Hollywood, is not just to entertain but to instruct.”

“But again, it was forgone. You knew that ‘Moonlight’ had to win because you knew what the film was about,” he continued. “And that’s part of the problem with Hollywood. Tons of really talented people there, brilliant at making movies, but the second you feel a political imperative it destroys your art. The second you feel like you need to elevate the country you become overbearing and pompous and boorish.”

(A “need to elevate the country” did not benefit minority actors, though, despite Carlson’s assessment. This year, the only non-Black acting nominee of color was British-Indian actor Dev Patel for his supporting performance in “Lion.” The last Latino best actor nominee was Demian Bichir in 2012. The last Latina to be nominated for the lead actress award was Colombian actress Catalina Sandino Moreno in 2005 for “Maria Full of Grace.”)


In December Carlson had an on-air debate with Teen Vogue writer Lauren Duca, who had previously tweeted about Ivanka Trump.

Carlson repeatedly interrupted Duca and accused her of saying things she did not in fact say.

“You’re shouting over me every time I speak. It’s incredibly unprofessional,” Duca finally said. “You’re actually being a partisan hack who’s just attacking me ad nauseam and not even allowing me to speak.”

Carlson concluded the segment by saying: “You should stick to the thigh-high boots. You’re better at that.”

In 2014 Carlson suggested a lack of knowledge on consent when it comes to sexual harassment and assault. Speaking in response to the news of a Texas middle school teacher giving a 15-year-old male student a lap dance, Carlson said there are two standards when it comes to sexual harassment.

“Here’s the bottom line: A 15-year-old boy is not a 15-year-old girl, and so I got a lot of mail about this every man understands this,” Carlson said. “A 15-year-old boy looks at this as, like, the greatest thing that ever happened, and I think for a 15-year-old girl it would be traumatic. That’s just real. I don’t know what to say I don’t want that to be true but it is true. I’m not saying that all teachers should do lap dances at school. I’m just saying when a teacher gets so enthusiastic she breaks out into a lap dance, don’t send her to prison. That’s all I’m saying.”

Despite Carlson’s one-way view of sexual assault, it is not a tragedy reserved for women. While women are more likely to be sexually assaulted than men, statistics estimate that 1 in 33 men will experience an attempted or completed rape at some point in their life. Sexual assault too often goes unreported, perhaps in part due to stigmas such as the one suggested by Carlson: 63 percent of sexual assault incidents go unreported, just as many of O’Reilly’s victims did not initially report.

Tucker also in 2014 denied the existence of the gender wage gap, despite repeated statistics showing it does in fact exist.

“Women make more than men if you adjust for the time they take off, voluntarily,” Carlson said, referring to the time women take off to give birth.

The female-to-male earnings ratio is 0.80. According to the U.S. Census’ annual “Income and Poverty in the United States: 2015” report, both women and men with earnings saw an increase in median income from 2014 to 2015, with women seeing a slightly higher percentage increase than men. However, the difference in income by gender remains significant.

Carlson’s argument also does not account for single fathers who may have to take family leave, same-sex couples or women who choose not to have children at all. According to the Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey, in 2014 47.6 percent of women between ages 15 and 44 had never have children the highest percentage seen since the Census started tracking this data in 1976.

In 2013 Carlson seemed to equate violence against women to women choosing to join the armed forces.

Carlson fails to mention that, unlike women who join the armed forces, women who are victims of violence do not choose to be violated.

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