Archived: FOX News: Immigrants, Feminism Causing Rise of Unmarried Parents

By Michael Nam

The FOX News Channel show Outnumbered claims to know the reason behind the growing number of unmarried couples with babies: immigrants and sexually liberated women.

The eyebrow-raising “analysis” comes in response to Center for Disease Control statistics showing a significant rise in the number of births to unmarried parents who were also living together between 2011 and 2013.

In discussing the data release from the CDC, FOX News Channel medical contributor Dr. Manny Alvarez opined, “A lot of times, it’s cultural. There are many people coming to this country where that is a norm, where people meet, they get together, they want to have a baby. And bingo, they come back here and they don’t think about the marriage thing.” It’s unclear if he had any specific cultural groups in mind.

However, The Wall Street Journal’s look at these numbers does shed a little light on the cultural identity of this rising trend.

Of the 20 U.S. states with the largest shares of new unmarried mothers, South Dakotawhere the vast majority of the population is whitehad the highest percentage of cohabiting parents, at 46 percent, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis of Census’ 20112013 American Community Survey.

Another culprit apparently is the “much more sexually free society,” according to co-host Harris Faulkner.

“You know, I mean, it’s all about the milk and the cow,” Faulkner said. “I don’t think there’s a lot of pressure on men to get married.”

Host Andrea Tantaros jumped on board with Faulkner’s analysis, directly blaming the feminist movement.

“Women have been encouraged to ‘give it up’ as Harris talks about, freely, with the rise of feminism, have sex like a man,” said Tantaros. “So they’re doing this and they’re not making the guy step up to put a ring on it.”

Potentially joining foreign cultures and feminist women is technology, according to co-host Kennedy Montgomery: “They’re sacrificing the integrity of the relationship. I think a lot of times, and maybe that sounds judgmental, I also blame Tinder, because I think there are a lot of dudes that don’t want to get married because if you’re not married, it’s not cheating.”

Still, these answers don’t appear to have enough explanatory power for some.

More women are becoming their families’ primary breadwinners, fewer men have the kind of job security that makes them feel ready and able to marry, and more women have the kind of financial resources that make them hesitant to tie themselves to a less-secure man.

But easier to blame feminism than fix the economy.

Jill Filipovic of Cosmopolitan doesn’t seem to be convinced.

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