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Latest News

Latest News

TIAA Supports Transgender Day of Understanding

TIAA's eight ERGs are open to all TIAA and Nuveen employees interested in learning about different diverse groups, not just those they identify with the group's focus.

TIAA's Alliance Employee Resource Group (ERG) is proud to actively recognize its lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning/queer (LGBTQ+) employees, and serves the LGBTQ+ community by building strong partnerships with local organizations, such as Time Out Youth that advocates for the personal development of LGBTQ+ youth ages 11-20.

Nov. 20 marked the annual International Transgender Day of Remembrance, which memorializes those who have fallen victim to, or continue to be victims of, acts of violence at the hands of those with an intense transgender prejudice.

To support its transgender employees and the community, TIAA hosted a Transgender Day of Remembrance special event in its Charlotte office. During the event, TIAA employees listened to a panel of young adults share their experiences and their support from the Time Out Youth organization.

TIAA's eight ERGs are open to all TIAA and Nuveen employees interested in learning about different diverse groups, not just those they identify with the group's focus.

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TIAA Launches Alexa and Chatbot Capabilities

Digital tools drive accessibility and convenience for individuals.

Originally Published by TIAA.

TIAA announced the launch of new capabilities on Amazon Alexa, a leading digital assistant for devices ranging from the Echo Dot and Echo Show to smart phones, displays and speakers. For TIAA customers, Alexa can provide information about when clients will receive 2018 tax statements like W-2s and 1099s. Users can also ask Alexa for a stock market quote, where to find the closest TIAA advisor or even play a TIAA trivia game. Future features are slated to include personalized account information, daily market briefings and information about TIAA Bank accounts.

On its website, TIAA also offers customers both a live chat function and a chatbot "TIAA Virtual Assistant" that can answer customer questions in real-time, providing the information they need to make financial decisions with confidence. Through the TIAA Virtual Assistant, which is available to all customers, users can ask questions and receive answers specific to their accounts for approximately 400 of the most commonly asked questions related to transfers, cash withdrawals, and loans. The TIAA Virtual Assistant has supported over 35,000 customer interactions and answered more than 104,000 questions since its initial launch in October 2017.

The TIAA Virtual Assistant also offers:

  • Useful content including financial education resources, helpful tips and suggestions as customers navigate through the site.
  • The option to connect to a TIAA representative via "live chat" or opt to be directly connected to an individual Consultant via "Request a Call". During normal business hours, customers receive a call back in 1-2 minutes.
  • TIAA representatives immediate access to customers' chat history to understand context of the Virtual Assistance in order to better support the customer and continue the conversation.

"TIAA is committed to helping people build financial well-being. Digital tools can help them engage with their financial future and create positive financial behaviors," said Scott Blandford, TIAA's chief digital officer. "We understand that individuals are looking to check in on their financial lives while they're 'on-the-go' and at moments that are most convenient to them. By extending our reach through new technologies and new customer services features, we're looking to integrate their financial lives into their daily lives by meeting individuals on the devices that they're already using regularly."

Ready to start your own conversation with Alexa? Enable TIAA's Alexa skill .

All Virtual Assistant capabilities are available on once an individual logs in with their security details.

TIAA: U.S. Educational Endowments Report 8.2 Percent Return in FY18

Mission-critical 10-year return rose to 5.8 percent, but still below 7.2 percent target.

Originally Published by TIAA.

Data gathered from 802 U.S. colleges and universities for the 2018 NACUBO-TIAA Study of Endowments® (NTSE) show that participating institutions' endowments returned an average of 8.2 percent (net of fees) for the 2018 fiscal year (July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018) compared with 12.2 percent for FY17. The decline in year-over-year performance for U.S. college and university endowments was largely driven by a decline in the U.S. and international equity markets. While the mission-critical 10-year average annual return increased by 1.2 percentage points this year to 5.8 percent, it still fell short of the 7.2 percent average return institutions report targeting as a long-term return objective.

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TIAA Partners with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions to Launch CareerPurpose Professional Development Hub

"TIAA recognizes that more and more professionals are looking for a sense of purpose in their careers, and we built CareerPurpose by TIAA to help meet those needs."

Originally Published by TIAA.

Research shows that people – especially millennials – are increasingly motivated to find a strong sense of purpose from their careers and prioritize work that can help make a difference in the world. Today, TIAA announced the launch of CareerPurpose by TIAA , in collaboration with LinkedIn. CareerPurpose by TIAA is a first-of-its-kind, digital professional development hub dedicated to providing professionals with the tools that they need to start, or thrive, in their purpose-driven careers at nonprofit organizations.

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Research on Tax Uncertainty and Savings Diversification Wins TIAA Paul A. Samuelson Award

"Their conclusions regarding the importance of diversified account types provides clear, tangible advice that will benefit the financial security of everyday Americans."

Originally Published by TIAA.

The TIAA Institute announced that David Brown and Scott Cederburg of the University of Arizona and Michael O'Doherty of the University of Missouri have won the 23rd Annual TIAA Paul A. Samuelson Award for Outstanding Scholarly Writing on Lifelong Financial Security. The Samuelson Award recognizes outstanding research that the private and public sectors can use to maintain and enhance Americans' financial well-being.

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TIAA: Mentorship is a Two-Way Street

Mentors want to be associated with success.

Originally Published on

By Roger W. Ferguson Jr., President and CEO at TIAA

People often ask me for suggestions about how to advance their careers. One piece of advice I always like to share: find a good mentor.

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TIAA Bank Acquires $1.5 Billion Healthcare Equipment Financing Portfolio from GE Capital

Deal includes five-year vendor finance program agreement.

Originally Published by TIAA.

TIAA Bank announced the acquisition of a $1.5 billion portfolio of healthcare equipment leases and loans from GE Capital's Healthcare Equipment Finance (HEF) business. This significantly expands TIAA Bank's commercial banking business and enhances its ability to provide a full range of financial solutions to institutional clients and serve an even greater number of healthcare providers. The sale comes as GE Capital seeks to become smaller and more focused.

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