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TD Bank Ranks No. 1 for SBA Loans in 8 States & Washington, D.C.

"Small businesses are an economic force in many communities, and TD is well-positioned to help these businesses thrive and grow."

Originally Published by TD Bank.

TD Bank, America's Most Convenient Bank®, increased its U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) lending portfolio in 2018 to take the position as top lender in eight states and in Washington, D.C., up from seven states in 2017. In addition, TD Bank ranked second nationwide for number of 7(a) loan units approved during the SBA's fiscal year.

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Health Care IT Remains Hot Sector Despite Valuation Concerns: Says KPMG

"Deals are largely being driven by the need for savings, economies of scale, and improving cash flow or accretive earnings per share."

Originally Published by KPMG.

Health care IT remains a hot investment sector despite concerns about these companies being overvalued, according to KPMG-Leavitt Partners 2019 Investment Outlook, a survey of health care investment professionals.

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AT&T Gives More Than Half a Million Dollars to Dallas Agencies to Help the Homeless

AT&T Launches believe DallasSM, an extension of AT&T BelievesSM.

Originally Published by AT&T.

AT&T*, is committed to helping build a better tomorrow for the homeless community in the city of Dallas. We're doing that through a new initiative we call "Believe DallasSM," with the goal of mitigating homelessness for service-accepting families and veterans in Dallas.

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Prudential Study Explores Financial Lives by Race, Gender, Sexual Identity, Caregiver Status

"Resilient and diverse communities are the foundation of a stable and strong economy. Their progress enables our progress."

Originally Published by Prudential.

Bright spots and areas of optimism exist within traditionally underserved groups in the face of income inequality, retirement insecurity and household debt, new data from Prudential Financial, Inc. reveals. The in-depth exploration of data from Prudential's Financial Wellness Census™ highlights the dramatic differences in the experiences of diverse populations within the U.S., many of whom were disproportionately impacted by the 2008 financial crisis.

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Hershey: From Impulse to Planned Purchases

Human nature dictates that once something is on your list, you're not likely to take it off out of convenience.


Originally Published by The Hershey Company.

By Doug Straton, Chief Digital Commerce Officer and Phil Stanley, Chief Sales Officer

In-store impulse purchases have long been a key revenue driver for retailers and manufacturers alike. A recent study shows that the average American consumer spends about $5,400 a year on unplanned purchases, and 3 in 4 Americans buy candy at the register before checkout. Additionally, 68 percent of U.S. consumers still say their primary location for making a spontaneous buy is in a physical store. But as consumers continue to migrate their shopping to digital channels, retailers are grappling with how to retain these crucial sales and what the unplanned experience should look like online.

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Innovative Partnership Helps New York Life Speed up the Application Process

"As we transition to a digital model for retrieving health records with consumer consent, we will significantly reduce application processing time, ease the process for new clients and deliver a better experience for our customers."

Originally Published by New York Life.

Applying for life insurance can be a time-consuming experience that prevents some people from getting the coverage they need. New York Life is working to change that. Through our new agreement with Epic, a leading comprehensive health records system, New York Life will become the first life insurance company in the U.S to have the ability to directly access electronic health records. This innovative and industry-leading partnership improves the consumer experience and underwriting process for New York Life customers and eases the administrative burden for healthcare providers on Epic's platform.

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