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  • Steve Howe, EY's US Chairman and Americas Managing Partner has made D&I a strategic business priority. Steve and Karyn Twaronite, who is the Global Inclusiveness Officer, chair their Diversity Advisory Council, which meets monthly. We are invited to one meeting every year and it's impressive to see the engagement and diversity of EY's senior leadership.
  • EY has the best external & internal diversity communications efforts we have ever seen, led by David O'Brien, Partner, Americas Brand, Marketing and Communications.
  • EY is a pioneer in inclusion and mainstreaming of people with disabilities. In 2017, they launched a pilot on neurodiversity that hired and successfully integrated four people with autism into their Philadelphia practice. This will be followed in Dallas and San Diego. Laura Giovacco, Partner, is a board member of NOD.
  • Steve is retiring this year and Kelly Grier will succeed him on July 1. At that time, EY will be the third Big 4 accounting firm to have a woman lead their US and Americas operations.

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EY is honored to be inducted into DiversityInc's inaugural Top 50 Hall of Fame, which recognizes companies that have demonstrated a longstanding and consistent commitment to diversity & inclusion (D&I) and results.

At EY, D&I is deeply rooted in all of our business and talent processes. We equip our people with the skills they need to team and lead inclusively so that all of our professionals feel a strong sense of belonging and can contribute their very best.

Through equitable programs and experiences, we strive to strengthen our culture of belonging, where our people are seen, valued and appreciated for all of their differences.

By maximizing and celebrating the power of different perspectives, we are able to offer more innovative approaches to help our clients achieve their goals and build a better working world.


Stephen R. Howe Jr.
US Chairman and Managing Partner and EY Americas Managing Partner

"We are honored to be inducted into DiversityInc's inaugural Top 50 Hall of Fame standing alongside organizations that exemplify inclusive corporate values. EY's commitment to building an inclusive culture has remained steadfast. In this challenging social climate we recognize that building a better working world means doing our part to strengthen diversity and inclusiveness both within EY and in our broader communities so that we may deliver the very best to our people and our clients.

Karyn Twaronite
Global Diversity & Inclusiveness Officer and US Executive Committee member

"When people feel a strong sense of belonging, they are more engaged, productive and innovative — it's fundamental to building a truly inclusive culture. While we are humbled to join DiversityInc's Top 50 Hall of Fame, we recognize that there is still much work to be done across our organization and we remain committed to deepening our understanding of the collective differences and experiences of our people."


U.S. Headquarters: New York, N.Y.
Global Employees: 230,692

Last Year's DiversityInc Top 50 Ranking • No. 1

  • No. 1 Diversity Councils
  • No. 1 Employee Resource Groups
  • No. 1 Mentoring
  • No. 1 People with Disabilities
  • No. 2 Executive Women
  • No. 3 Recruitment
  • No. 3 Supplier Diversity
  • LGBT Employees
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