Evidence of Kaepernick and Reid Blackball Due to NFL Owners Fear of Trump

It’s no secret that NFL owners are in lockstep with President Donald sons of bitches” Trump. But one may have finally given concrete evidence that Trump influenced the league’s blackballing of Colin Kaepernick.

Kaepernick’s attorney said on Straight Aim with Amy Dash” that he has evidence.

According to lawyer Mark Geragos, a deposition proves that at least one owner changed his mind after he was told what Trump said” about the protests.

They were clearly colluding because they were intimidated by the president,” Geragos began.

He revealed that his legal team has already conducted at least 15 depositions including owners, general managers and coaches.

All of the evidence that has been developed is beyond a shadow of a doubt that the existing coaches and I’m talking about Super Bowl winning coaches have testified under oath that he is a starting quarterback in this league. And so that’s mind-boggling. When you ask them, and specifically, ‘Why isn’t he being hired’ and they say, ‘Because of the national anthem policy.'”

Haters have given Kaepernick’s stats, not his protests, as a reason he has not been signed. His performance was not poor but received mixed reviews. Apparently, though, at least some coaches agree he still possesses skills on the field.

Then you factor in Eric Reid The only reason, and the owners will admit this, that they haven’t signed him, is they’re afraid of Trump, and they’ve colluded because of Trump,” he added.

Reid, Kaepernick’s former teammate, has also not been signed to a team. Regarding stats, Reid’s are more difficult to dispute. He spent most of his career with the 49ers as a safety and then stepped in as a linebacker. Notably, he remains unsigned despite being ranked “above average” and the No. 30 safety overall by Pro Football Focus.

Later, host Amy Dash brought up the infamous meeting of NFL owners and players, during which some owners including New England Patriots owner Bob Kraft expressed fear of Trump’s retaliation if they did not bow to his wishes to stop the anthem protests.

Maybe you can prove that Bob Kraft, for example, was scared of what the president might do, but for collusion you would need to show that that fear actually influenced the owners by clear and convincing evidence. So, that’s kind of a high burden,” she said.

Well, unless you’ve got an owner under penalty of perjury testifying that he changed his mind after he was told what Trump said,” Geragos said.

Yeah. Do you have that”

Yeah. Well, bingo,” Geragos answered.

Geragos also noted that Trump’s incessant tweeting and running his mouth about the protests not only led to Kaepernick and Eric Reid’s ouster but also were illegal.

Obviously, he’s the president, he’s got enormous influence. But can you just clarify for people why you believe his public comments matter in the context of this grievance Because a lot of people don’t get it. They just think that’s he’s tweeting out or speaking out his opinion, which is his First Amendment right,” Dash said.

He doesn’t have a First Amendment right in the traditional sense that people would say when he’s in the executive branch,” Geragos explained.

He cited a statute that states the president and vice president are not allowed to make statements attempting to influence private employers. He referenced Trump’s son of a bitch” comments, which Trump made at a political rally.

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