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Election Judge Caught on Video Screaming at Black Voter Resigns

“Get out. Get out. Get out. You are rude. You are not following the law. Go. Go.”

That was what Williamson County, Texas election supervisor and judge Lila Guzman yelled at a Black women who was asking Guzman to clarify where she should vote in the early voting period on Friday of last week.

Another voter recorded the incident.

“As soon as she started getting louder, I was like, ‘This is getting out of hand.’ So I began to record,” the voter told KVUE. “She did tell her she couldn’t vote there, but she didn’t say where in Travis. The lady did have an accent. She could’ve been new to the country. I don’t know, but she needed some help.”

The issue that incited the encounter was the voter lived in another county but was registered to vote in Williamson County. The election administrator believed the voter arrived at the polling site after being turned away by Travis County poll workers but says there was no reason for the poll worker to lash out.

“Our supervisor loses her composure in the middle of this and that’s not something that we ever train our poll workers, supervisors, election judges and clerks to do. We always train them and advise them to maintain control of the situation politely and answer voters’ questions and give voters options so situations like these don’t escalate.”

Guzman, who resigned before Election Day, pinned the outburst on working 12-hour days for nearly two weeks, which she said took a toll on her. She also claimed her outburst was not the reason for her resignation but rather it was due to a lack of support when she asked the office to call the police to have the voter removed from the building.

Williamson Co. election judge resigns after voting incident


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