Chris Long, who embraces his Hall of Fame father, Howie Long, says "Colin Kaepernick?s hair has nothing to do with him not being on an N.F.L. roster right now."

Archived: Eagles DL Chris Long: If My 'Dirty Mullet' Wasn't a Problem, Then Colin Kaepernick's Afro isn't Either

Michael Vick may have clarified his statements the other day regarding Kaepernick’s hair, but it didn’t stop other athletes from chiming in to defend the free agent’s hair stance.

Cue: Eagles Defensive Lineman Chris Long.

Long, who prior to joining the Eagles helped the Patriots take home a Super Bowl win last year, is often seen wearing a full beard paired with long locks that he sometimes slicks back into a bun.

And on Tuesday, the defender both on and now off the field made no qualms about how Kaepernick’s signature look is no less acceptable than his “dirty mullet” when a fan told him on Twitter, “regular guys wear suit [and] ties to job interviews for blue collar jobs. You’re such a SJW clown.”

Long also shared some of his thoughts on Vick’s grooming theory, saying that Kaepernick is one of the best 32 quarterbacks on the planet and deserves a job regardless of him choosing to get a haircut or not.

Vick, who found himself in the headlines this week for suggesting that unsigned Kaepernick should “go clean-cut” to help his job search, later clarified his comments, which he believes were taken out of context and weren’t made with “malice.”

However, Kaepernick had a few words of his own, allowing a post on social media that appeared to be aimed at Vick to do the talking for him. The polarizing athlete compared Vick, who has landed in hot water before when he got caught running a dog-fighting ring, to “stockholm syndrome.”

In terms of Kaepernick’s free agency situation and generating interest from potential teams, there haven’t been many updates, aside from a brief meeting with the Seattle Seahawks earlier this year. And with training camp days away, the opportunity gap for the athlete appears to be closing.

According to Sporting News’ take on the Kaepernick – Vick – and now – Long viral exchange of thoughts all hope isn’t lost. If a quarterback gets injured, it could allow a player with experience such as Kaepernick to fill a spot.

But would a coach want to take on an anthem-kneeling athlete with a full beard and afro is the question.

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