E-Mails of the Day: Transgender Appointee Makes History

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DiversityInc’s article “Obamas Transgender Appointee” spurred several reader responses. See what they had to say on the subject. Here are some of their edited comments.

Comment: Maybe if we Blacks change our genders than our community’s issues can get some of the attention that others are receiving. I know that, to whites, seeming to do anything substantial for Blacks as a group would be a radioactive move for Obama, and he has to formulate proposals that are at least facially skin color-neutral. However, if Obama forgets that unemployment is twice as great among Blacks than whites, and if he forgets that we need healthcare NOW and not only commencing in 2014, then he may find that Black voters don’t have the money to get to the voting booths in 2012. Meanwhile, I’m glad he’s treating transgendered people equally, and I’m glad he’s put this appointee in a position that has nothing to do with social policy, so that she will not become a lightning rod for right-wing idiocriticism.

Comment: Not sure about this. Not because she is transgender, but because of all the emotional and mental issues transgender people say they have and have had in their lives. Most claim to be unstable, emotionally weakened by the experience they have endured in life. So what makes this woman different

Comment: This is what diversity is all about. Looking at the person as a whole entity and what they have to offer instead of looking at one particular aspect of their being. Ms. Simpson has SO MUCH to offer for the good of the country. I hope those who may be prejudiced because of ignorance will eventually see Ms. Simpson as a whole person and see the love and loyalty she has for our country. May she accomplish great things with little or no roadblocksDebra Markart

Comment: I would prefer to look at a person’s qualifications rather than look for reasons to exclude them. This lady is qualified therefore she should be allowed to advance in her career. The people who are overly concerned with her sexual preference should consider the fact the years ago people lied and tried to keep their personal lives personal, which never worked. I applaud her openness. My only concern with her or any appointee is that they do a good job. Only in America do we spend so much time, energy and money trying to peer into people’s bedrooms and private lives With the Internet and all the news sources competing for news, none of us have any privacy left, so the best thing we can do is just tell the truth. The good thing about the truth is that you never have to defend it!

Comment: Good news for the newly appointed Ms. Simpson. Another ground-breaking move on the part of the Obama administration. Obama seems to be trying to reach out to all Americans, deliberately, and he should be commended (not condemned) for taking that strategic approach. So many of us have been marginalized when it comes to the larger (well-connected), exclusive political arena. Certainly, Obama is not without his faults and weaknesses, as other past Presidents have been, but we should stand up and applaud one who is willing to really embrace diversity.

The views expressed herein are solely those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of DiversityInc.

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