Dow Wins With Product Performance and Sustainability at the Leading 2021 Ringier Technology Innovation Awards

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Dow clinched two notable product wins for superior performance and wide application at the 2021 Ringier Technology Innovation Awards in the Plastics Raw Materials & Additives category:

  • Dow’s Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) resin XUS60921.01
  • Carpet tile with INFUSE™ polyolefin backing

Dow’s PCR resin for collation shrink film offers sustainability advantages for the packaging value chain, while its polyolefin backing for carpet tile was designed for health, durability and recyclability.

“We are honored to be recognized by the esteemed panel of industry experts. These two awards are reflective of our commitment to creating valuable products for our customers, society and the planet. As a materials science leader, meeting current and future demands for sustainable plastics and additives remains our priority,” shared Wu Chang, technical service and development director, Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics, Asia Pacific.

Post-Consumer Recycled resin XUS60921.01: Advancing a circular economy

The new resin is designed with 40 percent post-consumer recycled plastics collected domestically within Asia Pacific. A first in Asia Pacific, the new PCR resin offering is part of Dow’s comprehensive strategy to advance a circular economy for plastics by redesigning and offering reusable or recyclable solutions for packaging applications.

Developed for collation shrink applications, the resin is suitable for use even in the core layer, demonstrating toughness. Other benefits include consistent performance and quality, versatile use on for-printed and non-printed films, and mono-material structure that allows for easy recycling.

Most importantly, the newly formulated PCR resin enhances the sustainability profile of its packaging product. By giving new end-of-life to plastics that otherwise would have become waste, Dow is helping converters, brand owners and retailers meet their sustainability goals.

Judges from the awards panel added: “The sheer amount of suitable application for Dow’s new PCR resin means that a huge shift towards recycling and using recycled plastics is possible. We commend Dow for contributing to a plastics waste-free future with this development.”

Carpet tile with INFUSE™ polyolefin backing: Meeting demand for performance and sustainability

Dow’s readily recyclable, polyolefin-based products for carpet backings were designed to meet the most demanding expectations for sustainability, durability and processability. These materials can be used in extrusion, hot melt, foam, embossing and other processes required for the manufacture of premium carpet tile.

By providing an alternative to the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and bitumen traditionally used, these products enable the formulation of carpeting solutions that reduces volatile organic compound (VOC) levels while enhancing durability and dimensional stability, thus ensuring that the carpet tiles are well suited to meet a variety of global sustainability standards and certifications.

Moreover, carpet tile manufacturers are able to leverage existing production lines for bitumen backing, seamlessly transforming from traditional carpet production to environmentally friendly carpet production without the need to invest heavily in new equipment and technology.

The 2021 Ringier Technology Innovation Awards placed Dow in the spotlight again following their wins from the 2020 event. Last year, Dow won two awards in the Plastics Raw Materials & Additives and Rubber/Elastomer Materials and Additives categories – for its Co-efficient of Friction (COF) Stable Resin and Integrated Foam Tire based on Olefin Block Copolymer (OBC).

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