Dow Named Finalist in Chemical Week Inaugural Sustainability Awards

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Dow, Inc. (NYSE:DOW) announced today it has been named a finalist in three categories of Chemical Week’s inaugural Sustainability Awards, including Best Sustainable Product, Best Sustainable Initiative and Best Sustainability Program. Chemical Week’s Sustainability 2020 Awards recognize excellence in reporting and Environment, Social Governance (ESG) initiatives, as ESG metrics which are being increasingly used to track performance and progress.

“It is an honor to be recognized by Chemical Week for the breadth of our sustainability work ranging from sustainable innovations to sustainability programming and reporting,” said Mary Draves, vice president of Environment, Health and Safety, and chief sustainability officer for Dow. “This work is never done. We continue to accelerate our sustainability strategy by driving forward science- and technology-based solutions to address global challenges such as climate change and eliminating plastic waste, while following on our 2025 Sustainability Goal commitments.”

Chemical Week’s Sustainability Award winners will be announced on Thursday, November 19, in a virtual Chemical Industry Financial Outlook & Sustainability Forum & Awards ceremony.

Best Sustainable Product Finalists:

  • Dow’s SunSpheres™ BIO SPF Booster is a bio-based and readily biodegradable SPF booster that enables greater SPF efficiency in sun care and daily wear SPF products. Derived from Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) -certified wood pulp the innovative SPF booster delivers myriad benefits by reducing dependence on UV actives and enabling aesthetically pleasing formulations. It works with both organic and inorganic UV filters.
  • RENUVA™ Mattress Recycling Program – In Europe each year around 30 million mattresses are discarded and most of them ends up in the landfill or incineration. Through the RENUVA™ Mattress Recycling Program, Dow aims to reduce this mountain of waste by giving polyurethane (PU) foam from end-of-life mattresses a new life and enable a circular economy for polyurethanes. Through the process of chemical recycling, the post-consumer PU foam will be converted to new raw materials (polyols) with approximately 50% recycled content. The first batch of RENUVA™ polyols is expected in Q2 2021 and can be used to produce new PU applications, even new mattresses.
  • DOW Performance Silicones (USA) DOWSIL™ TC-5515LT is a low-density gap filler with reliable thermal conductivity and performance for light weight Electric Vehicles (EV) battery pack assembly. In the new, booming EV market, EV battery packs are a key component. Thermal management is critical for EV battery pack safety and lifetime. For EV battery heat dissipation, thermal conductive gap filler is likely to become a key type of thermal interface material. To help meet the needs of this fast-growing market, Dow developed DOWSIL™ TC-5515 LT Low Density Thermal Conductive Gap Filler, featuring light weight (density 1.95 g/cm3), good thermal conductivity (2.0 W/m·K) and reliable performance for automotive applications.

Best Sustainable Initiative Finalist:

  • Dow is driving toward a future that recognizes the value of waste and eliminating plastic waste from entering the environment. Center to that strategy is a worldwide network of programs and partners Dow has helped convene – including customers, brand owners, governments, NGOs and local communities – to build zero-waste, circular models that can be replicated and scaled to advance the circular economy around the world. These efforts support local economies, help lift people from poverty and create new revenue streams. A few of Dow’s global projects in this space include, :in Brazil: Recycling for a Change; Indonesia: Project MASARO; Kenya, Project Butterfly – all of which harness the power of partnership and entrepreneurialism to incentivize, develop and scale the circular economy.

Best Sustainability Program Finalist:

  • Dow’s 2019 Sustainability Report highlights the Company’s ESG programs aimed at attaining our ambition to be the most sustainable materials science company in the world. The 2019 Sustainability Report showcases progress toward achieving the 2025 Sustainability Goals and the announcement of new, progressive, multi-decade targets around advancing a circular economy and climate protection intended to accelerate our sustainability agenda. The new targets aim to protect the climate, stop the waste, and close the loop.

Learn more about Dow’s sustainability programs, including its 2025 Sustainability Goals and new sustainability targets at Science & Sustainability. These new sustainability targets align to what we see as Dow’s purpose: To deliver a sustainable future for the world through our expertise in materials science and in collaboration with our partners.

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