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Mississippi DA Doug Evans, Accused of Racial Bias, Automatically Wins Reelection

Infamous Mississippi District Attorney Doug Evans automatically won reelection on Tuesday for the state’s 5th District. He has been in the job since 1991 and has faced allegations of racial bias.

Evans, who is white, came into the national spotlight for his handling of Curtis Flowers, a Black man who was tried for murder six times and may now be tried a seventh. Flowers’ case was covered in the American Public Media podcast “In the Dark” and brought national attention to Evans’ fixation on pinning a quadruple murder on the man.

In each of the six trials, Evans was accused of prosecutorial misconduct by a higher court, the Washington Post reported. His alleged misconduct included keeping Black people from being on Flowers’s jury. Evans’s racial bias and violation of Flowers’s constitutional rights was so blatant the Supreme Court reversed Flowers’s conviction and path to the death penalty in June.

“The state’s relentless, determined effort to rid the jury of black individuals strongly suggests that the state wanted to try Flowers before a jury with as few black jurors as possible, and ideally before an all-white jury,” Justice Brett Kavanaugh wrote.

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But Evans’s reelection is not an outlier in Mississippi. The state has 22 prosecutors who are elected into office and all of them except five ran unopposed this cycle, the Post reported.

Evans’s style, and other prosecutors in the state, have led to Mississippi being the third-most-incarcerated state. It also has a lifetime ban on felons being able to vote.

Because of Evans’s automatic reelection, he will likely once again decide whether or not Flowers, who is still incarcerated but not facing the death penalty, will receive a seventh trial. Flowers has been in jail since the first accusation against him for the 1996 murders.


  1. It’s Mississippi and I expect no less from its state legislators. Mississippi is forever defined by its history of violent, systemic racism. That Black people have managed to survive in that state with the heavy boot of racism and discrimination on their necks is truly amazing and a testament to the everlasting strength of African-Americans.

  2. Charles Wilson

    It’s Mississippi——what do you expect !!!
    It is the state, in these United States, with the overall lowest academic performance (and thus, least analytical individual group capacity)
    Their education budget as a state is infinitesimal
    Their teacher’s salary are inordinately low, thus they can’t attract new personnel
    By popular acclaim, they are one of the most racist states in the union
    It’s the state that spawned the murderers of
    Mrs. Viola Liouzzo, Cheney, Schwerner & Goodman, and let us
    It is also the place of the Mississippi Freedom Party and Fannie Lou Hamer the founder of the party that propelled JFK’s win to the presidency !
    These people, Black and white , are steeped in the culture of yesterday. They are ignorant (general statement) and they like it .
    Thus, the headline, to which I’m reacting too—-is to be expected as a part of a dead and dying subculture.

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