The United States Supreme Court Justices, including the late Justice Antonin Scalia.

Don't Like Trump or Clinton Vote for the Next SCOTUS Appointee

A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote against Trump pushing his hateful agenda into the Supreme Court.

This is the message behind a new ad from People for the American Way, an organization that fights for equality, freedom and diversity. As Election Day draws nearer, many Americans are dissatisfied with both major party candidates. An October 17 Reuters poll found that if the election was held at that time, 9.8 percent of people would vote for someone else, and 7.8 percent of people would not vote at all. But for those who cannot align with either candidate, there’s much more at stake than just the next four years: the nomination of a Supreme Court justice who will make decisions impacting the entire nation for years to come.

Many important issues would be at stake, the organization pointed out in a release last month, including LGBT rights possibly reversing the Supreme Court’s legalization of same-sex marriage and civil and voting rights.

“A Trump Supreme Court would also likely approve state redistricting plans like those that have been narrowly struck down as discriminatory and make it harder for states to undertake nonpartisan redistricting,” writes Elliot Mincberg, senior fellow for People For the American Way. “A Trump Supreme Court could well reverse a recent 5-4 Court ruling and make it impossible to bring up housing discrimination lawsuits based on the discriminatory effects of landlord and other practices.”

A Trump Supreme Court could also greatly hinder protection against government abuse, Mincberg predicts:

“A Trump Supreme Court would make it harder to stop abuse by officials of a Trump Administration and/or at the state and local level. Based on the votes of justices like Thomas, Alito, and Scalia, a Trump Supreme Court would likely approve laws like the one recently struck down in a 5-4 ruling that allowed police to demand to see private information in hotel registers without a warrant. A Trump Supreme Court would also likely allow additional physical abuse by law enforcement, such as in a recent case where the Court ruled 5-4 against officers who had abused someone under arrest through tasering and slamming his head against a concrete bunk.”

Following last week’s third and final presidential debate, Marge Baker, executive vice president of People For the American Way, pointed out the stark contrast between a justice Clinton would nominate versus one Trump would choose. While Clinton’s justices defend equal constitutional rights for all Americans, Trump’s picks would make choices that benefit the wealthy, she said in a statement and the effects will be lasting.

“The next president could nominate up to four justices who will serve for life on the Supreme Court,” Baker said. “That means the choice we make in November won’t just be for the next four years; it will impact our country for a generation.”

Lizet Ocampo, director of People For the American Way’s Latinos Vote! campaign, echoed similar sentiments and called Clinton the “clear choice” for the American people.

“Now is the time for us to stand up against Trump and for Clinton through our votes,” Ocampo said. “We’ll vote in record numbers this year to defeat Trump and the Republicans advancing his hateful agenda.”

Latinos Vote! is People For the American Way’s campaign geared toward mobilizing and educating Latino voters. Earlier this month the group launched a bilingual voter ad registration campaign encouraging Latino voters to go out and vote against Trump.

People For the American Way also debunked Trump’s claims about voter fraud in the debate. He incorrectly cited a Pew Research report and said there are “millions of people that are registered to vote that shouldn’t be registered to vote.”

On Friday the organization analyzed the report in question:

“What he appears to be referring to is a2012 research reportcommissioned by thePew Center on the States, which says:

Approximately 24 million one of every eight voter registrations in the United States are no longer valid or are significantly inaccurate.

More than 1.8 million deceased individuals are listed as voters.

Approximately 2.75 million people have registrations in more than one state.

Nowhere does Pew assert that there are 24 million cases of voter fraud.”

People For the American Way Foundation

People For the American Way also has a charitable arm, People For the American Way Foundation. The nonprofit has a score of 86.04 on Charity Navigator. Like its parent organization, the Foundation also promotes voter education and equal voting rights.

Recently, the People For the American Way Foundation called on Republican Florida Gov. Rick Scott to extend the voter registration deadline in the state following the devastating effects of Hurricane Matthew.

“Voting is the most significant way most Americans participate in our democracy,” the organization said in a statement. “For centuries, Americans have fought for the right to vote, and we continue to fight hard for that right today.

“There should be no need for a fight here: In the face of what could be one of the worst hurricanes in Florida’s history, there’s simply no justification for denying a person the right to vote through refusing to move the voter registration deadline, which would ensure that all who would like to exercise their right to vote can have the opportunity to register to vote.”

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