Archived: Don't Like Diversity Then You Probably Love Trump

A new Pew Research Center study found a correlation that links negative feelings regarding diversity as well as Islamophobia to “warm feelings” toward Trump. The survey, which polled Republican and Republican-leaning voters, also found that lower levels of education are linked with support for the Republican candidate.

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60 percent of respondents who believe the “growing number of newcomers from other countries threatens U.S. values” have warm feelings toward Trump — of which 42 percent have very warm feelings toward him. Of those surveyed overall, 77 percent said they agree that the newcomers threaten American values.

In contrast, of those who believe newcomers “[strengthen] U.S. society,” only 30 percent have warm feelings toward the GOP candidate — compared to 55 percent who have cold feelings.

The study also found that Republicans with positive feelings on Trump are more likely to have violent misconceptions regarding Islam. The majority of those surveyed — 77 percent — believe the Islamic religion “is more likely than others to encourage violence”; of those respondents, 56 percent have warm feelings toward Trump, with 38 percent reporting very warm feelings.

Respondents who believe Islam is “no more likely to encourage violence” were less likely to support Trump. 45 percent have cold feelings toward Trump, compared to 36 percent that have warm feelings.

Overall, those who support Trump tend to be less supportive of diversity. The survey asked if having the majority of the country being Black, Asian and Latino — which the Census predicts will be the case over the next three decades — is “bad for the country” or “good/neither good nor bad for the country.” For respondents who said it’s bad, nearly 50 percent report very warm feelings for Trump, with an additional 16 percent saying they have warm feelings.

Incidentally, Pew also found a pattern between lower levels of education and support for the GOP candidate. About half of those surveyed with a high school education or less reported “warm feelings” for Trump, compared to 46 percent of college graduates and 48 percent of those with postgraduate educations. The only exception was those who reported having “some college,” of which 65 percent reported “warm feelings” for Trump.

4,385 respondents participated in the survey, which was conducted March 2-28 and April 5-May 2.

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The survey results do not come as a surprise when looking at the messages Trump has sent since announcing his bid for presidency last June, which has included numerous attacks on Latinos and Muslims, as well as numerous other groups, including women and people with disabilities.

His divisive rhetoric began the day he launched his campaign. During the announcement, he spewed hate about Mexican immigrants, calling them murderers, rapists and drug dealers. He has also repeatedly touted his plan to build a nearly 2,000-mile wall along the United States-Mexico border and deport 11 million undocumented immigrants.

Trump has also slammed Muslims on his campaign trail. In December he called for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims,” saying he would ban all Muslims from entering the country — including those who are already U.S. citizens. He said that “it is obvious to anybody the hatred is beyond comprehension.” These comments came shortly after he said he would “absolutely” create a database to track Muslims in the country.

Many Trump supporters have made known their negative feelings regarding Latinos. Just this week, a Fox News poll found that Latino registered voters have a 74 percent unfavorable rating of Trump. The news outlet posted the results on Twitter, and many Trump supporters tweeted back with racist comments, including using racial slurs directed at Latinos and calling Latinos who do not favor Trump criminals.

Trump supporters also frequently chant “Build that wall” at his rallies, making reference to Trump’s vow to seal the border.

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