Diversity Leadership: Donna Johnson, MasterCard Worldwide

Donna Johnson

Chief Diversity Officer

MasterCard Worldwide

Diversity has been a topic of conversation at the dinner table for as long as Donna Johnson can remember. As a child, she listened to her father tell stories about his experiences as a diversity professional at a large advertising firm. “He embedded in me how to drive business by changing the culture,” Johnson told DiversityInc.

It was no surprise when Johnson was tapped to develop MasterCard’s first resource group in 2008. “If you want to build a culture [that’s] more collaborative and efficient and want employees to feel more appreciated and connected, you need to identify groups by community and bring those people together to work collaboratively,” Johnson says. Johnson is also passionate about the ways the company’sDiversity, Legal and Human Resources departments can work together to achieve diversity in the workplace.

Johnson, who has been with MasterCard since 1995, worked in the B2B Marketing Group and the Commerce Development Group before being named Chief Diversity Officer in 2010. Prior to MasterCard, she was at Citicorp and ad agency BBDO.

Johnson is a member of MasterCard’s Global Diversity and Inclusion Council, its Executive Women’s Steering Committee and its Multicultural Steering Committee. She earned her undergraduate degree in social psychology from Tufts University.

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