DiversityInc Benchmarking

Why Use Our Benchmarking Service?

Because we have the largest "diversity" audience*, being on our Top 50 list has become a competitive must for many blue chip companies. The data we collect in the Top 50 survey is the basis for our Benchmarking Practice, which currently has 67 clients. Our team will meet with 40 CEOs of Fortune 500 companies this year. We have data scientists on staff and 12 years of benchmarking experience. We measure the statistical associations between best practices and talent management results — with an emphasis on fairness (rather than chasing numbers).


  1. You receive a fact-based analytical roadmap to improving your talent management — complete with suggested next steps based on what the data tells us is associated and/or correlated to success
  2. In-person debrief to senior leadership highlighting strengths & opportunities
  3. Access to one of our account managers throughout the one-year engagement
  4. Data reports (updated quarterly) which include up to five years of trend data
  5. Insights into what top companies for D&I performance are doing to achieve the best human capital results
  6. Membership for all your employees to our library of of best practice articles, web seminars and info graphics

Content in Quarterly Data Report

Detailed, easy to understand heat maps and ratio graphs telling you how:

  1. Your company compares to others
  2. Best practices are shaping your results versus top performers
  3. Your company should proceed and recommendations on what goals to set
  4. Successful are your supplier diversity programs

Cost of One-Year Engagement: $79,500

Benchmarking Engagement Example

  • We benchmarked a financial services company ranked in the lower third of our list.
  • The full report was 42 pages, our analyst reduced it to 16 pages for the one hour debrief including the CHRO and members of the executive diversity council.
  • We further reduced the report to a 5-page brief for a 15-minute meeting with the CEO.
  • We delivered the findings of our analysis, which showed the company had competitive workforce recruitment but management recruitment underperformed versus better performing companies.
  • The company had good and fair promotion rates of diverse managers, but the data showed those diverse managers were not breaking into the top three levels of management.
  • A review of the company's best practices showed it did not have adequate participation from senior leaders in its mentoring programs and employee resource groups.
  • We suggested steps with its diversity council to have better internal accountability, ways they needed to refine mentoring programs and modernize resource groups.
  • Of note was the uncompetitive supplier diversity numbers. A senior member of the procurement team was present, and specific recommended next steps were discussed.
  • The first meeting was a 30-minute presentation followed by a 30-minute discussion. The meeting with the CEO focused on management talent competitiveness.

Sample Data Report

What Sets Us Apart?

  1. No other company can analyze talent development data the way we do or has comparative data to forecast or model potential results
  2. 12 years of expertise in measuring the below best practices based on talent outcomes and all facets of how they are managed: Diversity Councils | Mentoring | Resource Groups | Supplier Diversity

  3. We measure all industries and treat hospitals as a special category. Our emphasis on fairness compensates for industry or geographic source differences or conditions
  4. We are a certified veteran-owned business and a business owned by a person with a disability
  5. In 2015, we donated more than 5% of our gross revenue to charities and to fund scholarships
  6. Our team is diverse

Our Team

*According to Alexa.com, DiversityInc's audience is larger than Black Enterprise and Working Mother (which are tied for second place).

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