DiversityInc Webinar Series

DiversityIncWebinars are live audio and video presentations based on empirical data gathered from The DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity survey and use the expertise of the DiversityInc Top 50 companies to detail the most effective strategies.

What to Expect

  • No sales pitches presenters are executives from the DiversityInc Top 50, not consultants
  • Diversity metrics to strengthen your company’s bottom line
  • Data about diversity in business you can’t get anywhere else without leaving your office
  • Opportunities to ask DiversityInc Top 50 executivesquestions live during the presentation
  • Acomplete download of thepresentations
  • All webinars begin at 2 p.m. ET and are no longer than 90 minutes


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Sample Our Most Popular Career Advice and Diversity Management Webinars Below

Jan. 10, 2017 | Rebooting Your Executive Diversity Council | Buy Now

Feb. 7, 2017 | Accountability, Diversity Metrics in Scorecards and Dashboards | Buy Now

Mar. 7, 2017 | Equitable Pay for Women | Buy Now

Mar. 21, 2017 | Pop-Up Webinar: How to Encourage White Men to Push For Change | Buy Now

Apr. 4, 2017 | How to Attract and Hire Diverse Executives | Buy Now

May 9, 2017 | Leveraging Your DiversityInc Ranking in the Marketplace | Buy Now

June 6, 2017 | Best Practices in Encouraging People with Disabilities and LGBTs to Self Identify | Buy Now

July 11, 2017 | Different Stages of Talent Development | Buy Now

July 25, 2017 | Pop-Up Webinar: How to Keep Your High Potentials From Getting Poached | Buy Now

Aug. 8, 2017 | How to Find and Foster Growth of Diverse Suppliers | Buy Now

Sept. 12, 2017 | How to Identify and Cultivate Talent in Employee-Resource Groups | Buy Now

Oct. 3, 2017 | Effective Recruitment Strategies for People With Disabilities | Buy Now

Nov. 14, 2017 | Retaining and Developing Veterans in the Workplace | Buy Now

Dec. 5, 2017 | Effective Recruitment Strategies for Millennials | Buy Now

Refund Policy

30-Day Refund Policy: Registration fee refunds are issued in the form of a credit for future DiversityInc Webinars within 30 days of purchase.

Please contact customer service at webseminars@diversityinc.com for questions on group registrations. Members of DiversityIncBestPractices.com have unlimited access to live and archived webinars. Click here for more information on membership.

Latest News

Black run small business

One Expert’s Advice on How To Keep Supplier Diversity Programs From Failing Black-Owned Businesses

Despite a flood of promises to support Black business owners over the past year, many corporations are failing in their efforts to support social justice reform and improved diversity and inclusion programs. In fact, according to Denise Hamilton, an Inclusion strategist, keynote speaker, and the founder of Watch Her Work,…

Colorado judge resigns

Colorado Judge Who Used ‘N-Word,’ Proclaimed ‘All Lives Matter’ While in Court Censured and Forced to Resign

Following the murder of George Floyd in 2020, Colorado District Judge Natalie T. Chase reportedly asked two Black court employees to “explain” the Black Lives Matter Movement to her. She did this while cloaked and seated at her bench in the court. Upon hearing the explanation, she maintained that, in…

Princeton University

Princeton University Lands $20 Million Gift from Bloomberg Philanthropies Dedicated Towards Ongoing Diversity Efforts

Nestled quietly in the lush green farmland of central New Jersey, Princeton University is one of the smaller and more modest Ivy League schools in the country. But thanks to a new $20 million gift from Bloomberg Philanthropies, the school could also soon become a leader in the world of…

George Floyd Murder Trial

Nation Awaits Verdict in George Floyd Murder Trial, Americans Remain on Edge — and President Biden Prepares for Serious Potential Turmoil

After three weeks of riveting and emotionally draining testimony, attorneys for the defense and prosecution came to a rest on Monday, April 19, passing the fate of Derek Chauvin — the former Minneapolis police officer accused of the slow and painful murder of George Floyd — to the trial’s jury….

Flagship University The University of Maryland

Enrollment of Students of Color at Flagship Universities Continues to Decline

Many state’s “flagship” universities say diversity is a leading focus and priority when it comes to admissions, but a new look at data from these schools shows the reality: enrollment of students of color continues to lag. Flagship universities, such as the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the…

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey

Arizona Conservatives Attempt to Roll Back LGBTQ-Inclusive Curriculum in Schools

Republican lawmakers in Arizona have approved new laws revamping LGBTQ-inclusive education in schools, making it harder for educators to teach about historical events such as the 1969 Stonewall riots in New York City that started the gay rights movement, discussions about sexual orientation or instruction of anything related to LGBTQ…

Black Lives Matter Protest

Florida Passes Controversial ‘Anti-Protest’ Bill Designed to Weaken Black Lives Matter and Other Social Justice Movements 

In a play designed to make it harder for social justice advocates to gather and promote change, the Florida Senate has passed a controversial so-called “anti-riot” bill inspired by the recent increase in protests by groups such as Black Lives Matter. Dartunorro Clark of NBC News has reported that “the…