Florida International University's masters degree track in elementary education will now have diversity, inclusion and social justice at the heart of the curriculum. (Photo by: Shutterstock/Felix Mizioznikov)

News Roundup: A Degree with a Diversity Focus, Red Bull Fires Execs, and Effective Mentee Tips

FIU Master’s Degree in Elementary Education Has a New Focus: Diversity and Inclusion

Set to launch spring 2021, Florida International University’s masters degree track in elementary education will have diversity, inclusion, and social justice at the heart of the curriculum, according to a news release. Instruction will be delivered completely online and the track can be completed in 12 months.

“A diverse curriculum benefits teachers in the elementary classroom in public, charter, or private settings,” says Sarah Mathews, chair for the Department of Teaching and Learning and associate professor at the College of Arts, Sciences & Education. “This new curriculum and instruction track is designed to broaden teacher perspectives and understanding of education issues and needs in the K-6 classroom.”

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Red Bull Fires Top U.S. Executives for Trying to Increase Diversity

Red Bull, a company based in Austria, fired three top executives. Two of them were fired for trying to increase diversity in the company and complaining about a racist map from a company slideshow, the New York Post reports.

The photo of the map was leaked after more than 300 RedBull staffers signed a letter on June 1, addressed to company leaders, to protest what the signers called Red Bull’s “public silence” regarding the Black Lives Matter movement.

Stefan Kozak, chief executive of North America and Amy Taylor, North America president and chief marketing officer, were fired after lobbying for diversity in recent weeks.

Florian Klaass, the company’s head of global culture and marketing who was responsible for the racist slide, was also fired.

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Bayer’s Nancy Wolfe Explains What Makes an Effective Mentee

In this career advice video, Nancy Wolfe, the SVP of Human Resources Global Commercial Operations at Bayer Crop Science, talks about what makes an effective mentee. She says to take the initiative as well as know when to ask for help. “Effective mentees have goals in mind,” Wolfe said.

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Research Roundup: What’s Keeping Women from the C-Suite?

Women now lead 167 of the country’s top 3,000 companies, according to the Wall Street Journal. That number has doubled from a decade ago, but it is still under 6%. Though women receive promotions and fill executive seats, they’re cut off from the positions that are traditionally stepping stones to CEO, the report indicates.

Even when women become CEOs, they are more likely to step down. The report reflects that of the 307 companies in the Russell 3000 that appointed new CEOs last year, 26 were women — and 17 of those women stepped down or were ousted.

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More LGBTQ+ Employees Comfortable Expressing Sexuality, Gender at Work

Forty-six percent of LGBTQ professionals say they are closeted at work, compared with 50% in Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s 2008 Degrees of Equality report. These findings are included in the Human Rights Campaign report, “A Workplace Divided: Understanding the Climate for LGBTQ Workers Nationwide.”

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