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Diversity Recruitment Research provides a look at five key studies on recruitment, a vital strategy for helping companies build and maintain a diverse, high-quality workforce. We looked at academic and trade publications and give you this sampling for your learning:

Winning the Race for Talent in Emerging Markets

By Douglas Ready, Linda Hill and Jay Conger, Harvard Business Review

Economic activity in emerging markets, like Brazil, Russia, India and China, is growing by leaps and bounds, but finding talent to keep up with that growth is extraordinarily challenging, according to an article in the Harvard Business Review. And companies in the developed world that try to export the talent strategies they use at home have abysmal results.

The authors interviewed executives at more than 20 global companies to identify strategies for attracting talent in developing economies, including where brand, opportunity, purpose and culture play out in particular ways.

The article notes that recruiters have to offer more than fat paychecks and a standard career path to find and keep employees in developing nations. "Emerging-market job candidates prize a company with a game-changing business model, where they can be part of redefining their nation and the world economy," the authors write. "They are also attracted by a mission that focuses on helping the unfortunate—many have experienced poverty firsthand—and expresses the value of global citizenship."

According to the article, a company's culture matters in several distinct ways in emerging markets:

  • Its "story," or brand promise, has to feel authentic
  • Employees must be rewarded for reasons of merit; a high potential from Brazil or Dubai must believe that the executive suite in China or the United Kingdom is within reach
  • Although employees want to be recognized for individual achievements, they also want to feel a connection with their teams
  • The culture has to be truly "talent-centric" so that people know they're critical to the company's success

"This war for talent is like nothing we've ever seen before," write the authors, who have spent decades studying talent management and leadership development.

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Janice King, Executive Director – Workforce Diversity, AT&T

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Adrienne Trimble, General Manager, D&I, Social Innovation Division, Toyota Motor North America

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