Diversity Web Seminar on Diversity Metrics: Which Diversity Metrics Are Most Valuable?

Which diversity metrics are most valuable—and how does accountability factor in? Find out in our diversity web seminar, featuring diversity experts from KPMG and Kraft Foods.

Diversity metrics are vital to accurately track and sustain results in diversity management. But which diversity metrics are most valuable: recruitment, promotions, engagement, retention or others? And how do you factor in accountability and CEO commitment?

Lou Miramontes, partner, KPMG (No. 22 in the 2012 DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity), Jim Norman, vice president, diversity, Kraft Foods (No. 7), and Nellie Borrero, managing director, global inclusion and diversity, Accenture (No. 12), discuss these issues in our diversity web seminar on diversity metrics/accountability.

Moderated by DiversityInc's Barbara Frankel, senior vice president and executive editor, these diversity leaders reveal the keys to their diversity-management success through their measurement of diversity metrics and best practices such as resource-group membership, mentoring participation, philanthropy to multicultural organizations, and supplier diversity—and how they link executive compensation to the success of their diversity-metrics scorecards.

The 90-minute diversity web seminar, which is also available as a downloadable PDF, will offer readers comprehensive information in the form of case studies, including:

  • Insight into key best practices in diversity management from our exclusive DiversityInc Top 50 data, such as mentoring, philanthropy and metrics measurements
  • How KPMG determines its diversity goals and why it takes a layered approach to measurement
  • What Kraft Foods' diversity and inclusion initiatives are and how it uses a diversity-performance factor to hold leaders accountable for results in diversity management
  • Why measurement helps Accenture fully utilize its diversity-management initiatives

Borrero says, "Building an inclusive and diverse workplace through a culture of sponsorship and measurement … is a journey." Make sure your organization is prepared and is measuring the right metrics.

Watch the diversity metrics web seminar on BestPractices.DiversityInc.com.

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