Speak Effectively to Diversity in Your Own Voice (VIDEO)

A company's senior leaders set the tone for principles of equity, fairness and inclusion, and their commitment must be visible and personal, said John M. Robinson, chief diversity officer at the U.S. Department of State.

See John Robinson, chief diversity officer at the U.S. Department of State, speak at DiversityInc's November 2010 learning event about the need for an organization's senior leaders to set the tone for diversity and inclusion and to make their commitment is "visible and specific" to their workforce. "It should be personal," he says. "You should tell your own story and be sure to say to your subordinates that they are accountable to you, and they should know it. Your commitment should be expressed routinely, the same way that you would check budget issues or other things in your strategic plan."

To attend DiversityInc's March 2-3 event, featuring New York Times columnist Frank Rich, Ernst & Young Chairman and CEO Jim Turley and others, click here.


VIDEO: Hospital Supplier Diversity—Strategic Plans Build Value and Engage Communities

For hospitals, finding diverse suppliers can be a challenge. Mary Beth Levine, Vice President, System Resource Management, University Hospitals, shared best practices on reaching MBEs and WBEs at DiversityInc's event.

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VIDEO: Increasing the Pipeline of Black and Latino Physicians—A Success Story

To have culturally competent care, the United States needs more Black and Latino doctors. A unique program at Rutgers University is reaching underprivileged youth and helping them succeed in medical careers, said Dr. Kamal Khan, Director, Office of Diversity & Academic Success in the Sciences (ODASIS) at DiversityInc's event.

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VIDEO: Culturally Competent Care—Women

What role can health literacy and cultural competence training play in providing equitable health care for women, especially low-income women? Sheri Humphrey, Global Franchise Leader, Women's Health, Merck & Co. offered solutions at DiversityInc's event.

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VIDEO: Taking Medicine Personally—Addressing Emerging Patient Needs

Successful medical solutions are personalized, says Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation President, Christi Shaw. In a keynote speech, she told DiversityInc's audience how the drug company is using its knowledge of diverse populations—and its emphasis on an inclusive and innovative workplace—to create the most effective medicines.

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